Zorki 5 and cold weather

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by craig_supplee, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. The snow finally let up for a while here in Meeechigan today, so I thought I would take out a few cameras for a little excercise. The RB and Zorki 1 worked great, but the Zorki 5 had serious issues with the shutter. It was acting like it was on bulb setting. The aperture ring also was so stiff I couldn't turn it, but I think I can handle that okay. I do need help however figuring out how to make the shutter work properly in the cold. Any suggestions?
  2. I am surprised that Zorki 1 worked. They actually should be kept way from the cold, if my memories are correct in the instruction booklet they specifically emphasized that. The shutter curtains are maid of rubberized cloth and they always stuck in the temperature below zero (Centigrade). Alternatively you should keep the camera under your coat, or use Kiev instead. I heard that Olympus OM1 has similar issue with curtains.
  3. Kozma, I didn't know that. Today it was about 25*F with a good wind, and they were in my camera bag in outter pockets, so they were seeing all that cold. Guess I'll just use them in warm weather, or keep them inside my coat as you suggested.
  4. Craig Hi! I don't have personal experience with the "Zorki on ice"! However, Tomosy recommends in his book to lubricate cameras with graphite powder instead of with oil, in cold weather. I guess that might solve some of the problem.
    Regards, sp.
  5. hi craig,
    the advantage to this cold weather feature is that it's possible to pick up perfectly normal cameras at east european outdoor markets in winter time for even deeper discounts by pointing out that the shutter doesn't work. let it thaw and they (usually) spring back into action :). but to be fair, even the the diaphragm on my sonnar 150 was having a rough time last night in the -5c weather at mariinsky park, in kiev.
  6. Craig, did you make CLA for the camera recently? It also may have very old lubricant that just froze down.
  7. I've told this before in a previous topic: I had the same problem with my Leica IIIc in December, just a few degrees below freezing. I had the camera around my neck for most of the day. The shutter sounded slow and some of the photos had what looked like uneven exposures. Some parts of the negative had more light then others. It worked fine at temps above freezing.
    The graphite grease option is something I've heard before. Oil is definitely more susceptible to freezing then grease.
  8. Same experience with ZI Tenax square shooter, the shutter blades started hick-up-ing at cold temps. I was worried it would need a cla again, but as soon as temp normalized, it started acting its old self again.
  9. I have not had a chance yet to do a CLA on this camera. Perhaps it is time to take a closer look at this. Or just save it for a summer camera.
  10. Russian cameras don't work in the cold?
  11. That's kind of an oxymoron isn't it.

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