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  1. I've just purchased a Zorki 4K - Great looking camera with a great feel!
    Unfortunately, the focus ring doesn't really change the focus in any way. When I try to line everything up it does so to some degree for subjects further away but for anything close the focus ring just doesn't seem to do anything! Can anyone help?
  2. If you don't have it, get the manual at http://www.butkus.org/chinon/russian/zorki/zorki.htm .
    It has a retractable lens? And you have pulled it out and locked it in place for use?
    Otherwise, I don't know.
  3. JDM - Thanks for the link. Just downloaded the manual and I'll study it this evening. The 4K doesn't have a retractable lens just a focusing ring.
    Thanks again.
  4. It sounds as if the rangefinder mechanism is sticking. When you unscrew the lens you well see a lever with a cam at the top which presses against a ring on the back of the lens. As you focus the lens this ring moves in and out and the lever actuates the rangefinder. Make sure that the lever moves freely in and out. I had one that was seized on a similar Kiev or Fed, I forget which, and freed it up with a little light oil on the pivot.
  5. Gentlemen - thank you both very much.
    John - I'll check the mechanism this evening - thank you!
    JDM - The manual will be invaluable - thanks.
  6. This is a rangefinder so you do see a a ghost image in the middle, right? Then you line this up with the
    other standard image. Find a an edge like aadoor frame or a branch say six to ten feet (2-4 meters) away
    and see if you can see both edges. Then move the focus ring and see the ghost ( often light yellow) image
    move ! When they match on top of each other the camera is focused
  7. Either the RF is sticky like John said, or it needs calibration.

    If it does indeed need adjustment; The screw near the main viewfinder windows on the front of the camera hides the horizontal adjustment screw. Set the lens to infinity, aim at something at least a 100 yards away and turn the screw so the image in the viewfinder matches with the image in the RF patch.
  8. Gentlemen - Thanks again. I checked last night and it was exactly as John said, the mechanism was sticking, a little drop of oil and everything is now as it should be!
    Sometimes it's the most obvious things that throw you - I would never have thought to check here!
  9. Great :)

    Another tip; the viewfinder's field of view is quite a bit wider than 50mm. Frame liberally! ;)
  10. Great little camera, I used one (and it's domestic cousin, the MIR) and loved it. Once I bought my Leica IIIc (converted to IIIf) and M4-2 I gave the Zorki away. If anybody wants the MIR (body only), let me know :)

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