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  1. I have two Zorki 4 rangefinder cameras. When using different lenses,
    I get the same view through the viewfinder and I don't see any frames
    for other focal lengths. Is this a problem with the camera? maybe
    some here who has a Zorki 4 camera can give me some advice.
  2. No, it's not a problem, but it's a reality. The camera doesn't know what lens you have on it. The viewfinder is matched only to the 50mm normal lens (although if you wear glasses like I do, you can't see the full 50mm coverage through it.... I get pretty good results uwing the regular viewfinder with the 85mm lens).

    To see the view of lenses other than 50mm, you have to use a separate viewfinder that attaches to the shoe on top of the camera. Matching finders were made for each lens, and there are also multi-finders that can be set for any lens from 35 to 135mm. These often cost more than the lenses (and in the case of the Zorki, the cameras) themselves.
  3. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    I would add the option I have on my Fed; a single finder that covers the view of a 35 mm lens, and has framelines for 50, 80 and 135 mm as well. It sits in the flash shoe. The frame for 135 mm is tiny, but the thing was cheaper than an adjustable (called 'turret') finder, and there's less to go wrong. Mine is Helios, and Japanese I think, but I have seen other brands including Russian ones if you want it to match the Zorki.

    It always takes me a while to settle into using one eyepiece to focus and another to frame, when moving from another camera. I get a few pictures on every roll where I forgot, and framed it in the rangefinder window.
  4. Richard and Pete: Thanks. Now I know why the Zorky only shows the 50mm view. I will use a separate finder then.
  5. Richard and Pete: Thanks. Now I know why the Zorky only shows the 50mm view. I will use a separate finder then.
  6. Nor do any of the Leica thread mount cameras it was based on, except for the IIIg with 50 and 90mm framelines :)
  7. They're also not parallax corrected, so keep that in mind if you're shooting something closer than 6ft.

    There's the easy way of putting other framelines on a Zorki... use a Sharpie :)

    BTW, no LTM camera has automatic framelines. That's why Leica made the M mount.
  8. Didn't Canon manage to put framelines for different focal length lenses on their later LTM RF bodies?
  9. Yes, but as far as I know you had to select them manually.
  10. My Canon VI-L allows you to turn a switch to get 35mm-50mm-135mm frames. The Canon P shows already in the viewfinder 35mm-50mm-100mm frames, but you see those all the time regardless of focal length used.
  11. The Soviet Leningrad camera has frame lines for different focal lengths in its finder. Trouble is, the spring-powered 'grad is tough to load and seems to be more of a collecting piece than a shooter. I don't think I've ever talked to anyone who has actually shot one. I had one but never got around to shooting it. Also, the finder has a tendency to sort of come apart internally, I suppose from the shock of the spring winding.
  12. Is it possible FSU photographers remembered to adjust the subject in the viewfinder as they "moved in" closer? (Grin)(Peace Raid)

    Never having looked through any Leica viewfinders but a lot of others, it is hard to believe anything better than my (new)Zorki 4. The quickly adjustable diopter is a "marvel" for my different old myopic eyes with/without glasses.

    I believe the average user isn't switching lenses frequently under pressure as "Pro's" and likely to forget. Personally, the added convenience/complexity/maintenance is not worth the cost for me. That's one of the reasons I have my Canon SLR's and Electro.
  13. On the subject of parallax correction/adjustment, there is quite a bit of variation between examples of Zorki-4's. I have cut off heads as far as 8-10 feet away when I thougt everything was OK with one of my Z-4's while another allows closer framing.

    Best to test before shooting anything important.

  14. My Zorki 3 is so old all I get is knee shots.

    Paul, the sliding diopter lens inside the viewfinder may be bent backwards a bit on your errant Z4.

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