Zorki 4 testspin

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by enrico_barsetti, May 27, 2005.

  1. Took my new Zorki 4 with jupiter 8 out for a testspin, the car is a Plymouth Valiant, I owned one of these with 3speed manual and no PS, a beast to paralell park!!
  2. Where I live
  3. They both look like interesting shots - unfortunately, the JPEG compression on these is brutal and makes them both difficult to fully appreciate.
  4. I fumbled, I try this one
  5. Sweden! At least the Valiant is registered in Sweden.
  6. Enrico you scan is beter than the first but it not the best yet.

    I think that this picture is not compensated for low levels (shadows appears washed).

    Try to adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor or adjust the levels and color to make the picture more like to original print/film.
  7. Enrico just check your scanner glass, it might be dirty. Even the highlights of the photo are a bit fuzzy. In addition the light emitted by the scanner might have gone through the print and come back as a parasite light. Check the scanner white cover and clean it too. Then downsize the picture to 511 pixels in width so that it will be currently visible in the thread (don't forget to fill the "caption" field to make it work). Otherwise, a nice Valiant :)
  8. Hey Nicolas:

    The Simca Chambord and Versailles, were made in Brasil from the late '50s to the '60s as well as the Dauphine and the Gordini (a Dauphine with a more powerful engine).
  9. The Valliant brings back memories - my Grandfather had one in 1962 - 2.5L straight six with a torqueflight box - had the glovebox modified with padded compartments to hold his Exakta VXIIa outfit. Cool...

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