Zorki 4 RF Alignment

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  1. Hi,

    Can someone point me in the direction of instructions on aligning a
    Zorki 4's rangefinder? Or if it's easy to explain, just tell me
    how. Someone told me to unscrew a cover screw from the front and
    that the adjustment screw is underneath, but I just wanted to make
    sure. Thanks.
  2. I have only worked on the Zorki-1, which has two places to adjust the rangefinder. One is for 1m distance and the other is for infinity. There is a screw near the viewfinder for adjustment, and then you also have to adjust the cam loacted on the rangefinder arm behind the lens. Try these links



    You might also want to check the www.rangefinderforum.com site. There are a lot of FSU camera owners there.

    - Randy
  3. Google
  4. There is a screw on the front above the lens mount that has a slightly larger head than the others. It is very short and is a cover screw for the infinity adjustment. Use a small screwdriver that will fit inside of the hole. The rangefinder coupling cam inside the lens mount turns on its pivot to adjust for near focus. You will have to adjust one, adjust the other, adjust the first and repeat again until you are close enough to be satisfied.

    Vertical adjustment on the Zotki-4 is done on the front of the rangefinder lens by turning a circular prism. Unfortunatley you have to take the top off on the Zorki-4 to get to it.

    If you need to do the verical adjustment, best to do it first, before you do the near/infinity adjustment.

    I adjust to infinity and and 5 meters (actually 4.8 using 12 inch floor tiles on the kitchen floor). Trying to get infinity and 1 meter lined up together is much harder.


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