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  1. I've just received a nice Zorki-4 that seems in perfect condition
    except for the lack of a film take-up spool. Does anyone have any
    advice about how to aquire one? I hear there are similarities between
    the Zorki-4 and the Fed-3 -- do they have the same spool? Any
    suggestions for how to make do without the spool?
  2. fedka.com is out of New York or you can use the film spool from a FED 3. The Zorki doesn't have the springy spindle of the FED, so expect the spool to be a loose fit.
  3. I am told that you can use the core from a roll of film, but I have never seen one that works. You need a film spool that is hollow all the way through, and then you cut a notch in the side where the film can be inserted. The other option is to use a bit of tape to tape the film to the takeup spool, but again, you need to find a film roll core the is hollow to act as the takeup spool.

    There is also the more technical route...

    - Randy
  4. The take up spool in many of the FSU cameras can be replaced by one from and exa/Exakta - these are quite often seen on *bay, and are worth waiting for - I'm at work now, so I can't confim they fit the Zorki 4, but I'll try one as soon as I get home and post the info.
  5. The Exakata spool works in a Kiev. I've tried it. It will not work in a Fed or Zorki. I've tried that too.

    The Zorki spool can be fabricated if you have access to a lathe. It cannot be converted out of a plastic cassette film spool.

    You can try all you want, but every post I've ever seen on the subject ends up with a purchase of a replacement spool.

    Sometimes Fedka has access to spools. He is in New York. I've purchased them from Alexphoto on e-Bay as well as Russianplaza.com directly by e-mail. (They are in LA)


  6. Thanks, everyone. I'm hoping to try to fabricate one out of an ordinary plastic film-cassette spool. But that looks unlikely -- all the spools I have here have no clear path down through the centre. (And I don't understand how one _could_ have that centre tube empty if it's going to be turnable in normal use.) I may just try taping the film to the post that hangs down in the take-up space of the camera. If I centre the film properly it may work. And I'll start looking on the waters of That Great Bay...
  7. Greetings Philip, you have mail.
  8. Thanks for the update Paul -mI couldn't remember which FSU cameraa had used the Exa spool in - you are right it was a Kiev.


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