zorki 4 film spacing help?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by chris_dilenardo, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. hi again, just got a 1957 zorki 4 in reasonable condition, had to
    strip and clean the lens(again) give it some general t.l.c.
    rangefinder is spot on in the viewfinder,and all the speeds work
    great so ive just rattled off 10 shots and developed them to see if
    all is well distance wise (from 1 metre to infinity) the negs are
    pin sharp at all distances so im happy apart from one thing. the
    image cuts into the sprocket holes at the top of the negative by
    about 1 mm, and they all seem a little lopsided. any one had/ heard
    of this problem and how to rectify it, or is it just a quirk that
    ill have to get used to.once again thanks for your help
  2. You need a shim to push the film cartridge higher into the camera. It's designed for a longer reloadable cartridge.

    Some bottom-load LTM cameras have a little arm on the base plate that pushes the film up at the cartridge end.
  3. My Zorki 6 had a similar problem, the cassette was loose in the left-hand compartment, so I glued a shirt button (pick spacer to suit) into the bottom of the film compartment. This holds the cassette in just the right place so's the film travels horizontally instead of at an angle !!

    Whether something was missing, or communist film cassettes were bigger than capitalist cassettes, I don't know, but it's an easy fix ... enjoy :)
  4. Sometimes the camera builder or repair chap goofs; and leaves out shims; that position to take up shafts up and down position. My Zorki3C has its shaft about 1 mm too high; and the negatives tend to ride up higher. The image just kisses the film area at the bottom; and has too much at the top. My other Zorki 4 's and 3C are positioned correctly. Swapping the takeup spools between cameras didnt fix the problem. The take up shaft is clearly higher on one body; compaired to my other swarm of Zorki's.

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