Zorki 4 and Jupiter 12, what a great combination.

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  1. Recently, I picked up a 1972 Zorki 4 in true mint condition on ebay for a mere $30 from a US seller (the rangefinder mechanism was stiff and needed just one drop of oil to be revived). This camera came with a Jupiter 8 lens, but my current favorite is the Jupiter 12. On a recent lunch break, I took some shots around the construction site for the new court house / jail in 'downtown' Los Alamos.
    The Jupiter 12 is fantastic, it is contrasty and sharp, and with the Zorki 4 it makes a great camera to keep in the car.
    (click on the images to get to their respective flickr page, large versions of the pics can be viewed there)
    There seems to have been some sort of speck on the filter in this picture:
    I like the detail in this one:
    A view of the unfinished ground floor:
    All photos on Fuji Neopan SS, souped in Xtol 1+1 for 9.5 minutes.
  2. Wow, that sharpness is amazing! The amount of detail you've captured is equally as impressive. I'm just going to have to dive into the world of Russian cameras, no matter how much I resist the temptation. Pictures like these are hard to argue with!
  3. I have to agree, the J-12 with any FSU LTM body is a pleasure. You have a good copy - very little flare, if any. What viewfinder are you using?
  4. The lens is just as nice on the Kiev (Contax mount). Yours looks very good indeed.
  5. Excellent sharpness and contrast. I really enjoyed using my J12 while it lasted. It self destructed after three years. Looking at your photos, I need to buy another.
  6. I don't know the Zorki cameras but I do have some Jupiter lenses including the J-12 in Contax/Kiev mount. All the FSU lenses I own are excellent; they are the Jupiter 8, Jupiter 8M, Jupiter 12 and the Helios-103. The latter is a 53mm f/1.8 that is about as sharp as any lens I own, including classic Nikkors in rangefinder mount and Zuikos for the Olympus Pen and OM systems. I bought the Helios-103 as "new old stock" from Fedka.com a couple of years ago for $22.50 plus shipping.
  7. Nice resutls! I hear thes FSU cameras calling my name, but like JDM, I...must...resist.....temptation to buy more rangefinders :eek:)
  8. Julio, I am using a Yashica tele-wide finder that I came with the useless auxilliary lens set along with an Electro 35 GSN that I bought a while back. The frame lines for ' wide' are just a bit tighter than 35mm but if you keep that in mind it's a good finder. It can also be quite cheap on ebay (if it is not advertised with Leica in the title). As to flare,so far I've only managed to mess up one frame due to flare using the J12, and that was with the sun very nearly in the frame. My J12 is from the 80s, a black one, so I guess the coating is better than on some of the older ones.
    Daniel, I also have the Helios 103 but am still working on the first roll of film through my Kiev. I have been hearing good things about it and I am looking forward to the results. I guess the FSU lenses are a bit cheaper in Kiev/Contax mount, but the Kiev is a bit bigger than the older Feds or Zorkis. Except for the Helios/Kiev combo I have, all other of my FSU gear is has M39 mounts.
    I resisted the FSU bug for quite a while but I am glad I gave in. These cameras and lenses are great, and they keep my desire for a Leica in check.
  9. sharp pics and beautiful tones! enjoyed it. sp.
  10. J-12 is amazing. Missed you post where you are saying that yours is black from 1980-ies. I have one for Kiev. I will try to fet one for LTM coming summer in Moscow.
  11. Kozma, I got to enlist one of my Russian colleagues for getting me some gear in Moscow. Where do you shop for old camera when you're in Moscow?
  12. Markus, actually there is a place called "Vernisazh" but it targets to the foreighn tourists, so prices are not cheap. But they have at least 15-20 booths with photoequipment. There is a local Graig's list called "iz-ruk-v-ruki" used to be a paper but now it is a web site. There is a Russian auction site "molotok" and there is a number of consignment stores around the Moscow the biggest one is on Gogolevski blvd I cannot remember the number. As of me I asked someone to get stuff for me and I bring them modern equipment for US list price instead. Fair trade. Things like binoculars cost 1.5-2 times in Moscow that in DC.
  13. Thanks Kozma for the information. We'll see if I can fanagle something with one of my Russian colleagues :)
  14. Go here:
    Oleg is the best

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