Zorki 3M in the country

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  1. I have had several FSU cameras but my favorite by far is the Zorki 3M with the Jupiter 8 lens. It not only is attractive to look at but it performs flawlessly as well. Loading is a bit of a hassle but not as bad as the bottom loading rangefinders. I hadn't used it forsome time but decided to take it out for a spin after finding some outdated Fujicolor Superior in my freezer. I live in a rural area bordering the Los Padres National Forest about 75 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Scenically it is quite beautiful but in summer the streams have pretty well dried up and lighting tends to be contrasty. Any way here is a picture of the camera
  2. Sorry. still having a problemm uploading. I'll be back.
  3. Country road past my property
  4. Another shot of the road, opposite directiom
  5. Old cemetery in town dating from civil war times
  6. An old Chunash Indian grave, Christian burial
  7. Another and final view of the cemetery
  8. Lost my internet connection. Final view
  9. My next project is to try an Industar 61 which I just received. Hope you have enjoyed the images and would appreciate any comments.
  10. Great old Russian you have there, and I like your shots, looks like a nice place to live. Older lenses can have problems with conte-jour lighting but I really like the atmosphere in the first country road picture....keep posting.
  11. Fine camera, and very attractive images. The Jupiter 8 imparts a nice glow, against the light. Familiar scenery; parts of California look so like my native New Zealand, and the cemetery could well be one from my patch. Los Padres looks to be a wonderful area. Thanks for an interesting post.
  12. Very nice pictures and atmosphere; please post more. Thanks, sp.
  13. Nice-looking Zorki you have there. Clearly it is still a very capable little camera, and the lens captures detail very well. Your exposures are very well chosen; the shaded areas look shaded without looking murky.
  14. Nice shots of one of my favorite parts of California. The Zorki 3M and Jupiter 8 look to be a very good set-up. The first picture is also my favorite.
  15. Nice images from a nice camera Robert,
    I'm about to test a Zorki 4K myself that I picked up at the Photographica Market last weekend. It already has my I-61 screwed on.
    I still need to get a Jupiter-8 in LTM one of these days.
  16. nice post with a very handsome camera, robert. we've certainly been celebrating Soviet gear lately...
  17. That reminds me, I need to take some camera p0rn shots of my other 'new acquistion'...as soon as I dry out the FED-50 lens.
  18. Excellent resolution. I see a fair bit of flare in the first two, though. The J-8 I had for a while did not have this trouble.
  19. This seems a really neat camera, it combines the good looks of the Zorki 1 with the big viewfinder of the Zorki 4.Thanks for posting.
  20. Nice work.
    Imagine the differences between virtual hand construction at Leica and the mass-production of at least hundreds of thousands of Zorkis in the Soviet Union. The genius of both Oskar Barnack and the Soviet workers who copied his design and made them under Soviet conditions is clear.
    I personally like the Kievs better, but that's another story. I would have liked the Contax better if I had been there in 1936.

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