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  1. Lens is a Jupiter 8 50mm f2. Film is Ilford HP-5+ shot at 400 metered using a Sekonic L -398 incident meter and processed in Microphen 1:3 14 minutes @70F continous agitation for one minute, 10 seconds each minute for the next six, then none for the final seven. Negatives were scanned using an Epson Perfection 3170. The images were scanned for a 5" x 8" print size and minimally processed in Adobe Photoshop Elements using the 'save for web' function. No changes in contrast or retouching. The dog is Molly, a nine year old American Brittany. Despite serious joint problems she loves to bash her way through heavy weeds a couiple times a week.
  2. Second photo is a planting in my front yard.
  3. Well, your rangefinder certainly is in good adjustment. Those images are nice and sharp. I have two Zorki 1s, a C and a D, and really enjoy using them. The 3m is a bit harder to come by than the others, but it is a great model to have. Nice images. Please post more as you get them.

    - Randy
  4. Nice shots but they look a little over-contrasty on my monitor - not many middle gray tones.
  5. I like them contrasty. Some like them even more so. It's an artistic choice, and I suppose they are supposed to be that way?
    Hakon Soreide
    Bergen, Norway
  6. Thanks for the comments. These photos weren't adjusted at all other than for size. When
    I diddle with images in photo shop or make wet prints I tend to go a little dark and
    contrasty. I'll usually let the shadows drop out before I let the highlights blow out. Some
    of the contrastiness in these two could be due to the unusual (for me) semi-stand
    development I used this time.
  7. i like them that way too, if it matters.....

    i also just finished the first roll in a new zorki 3M.... neat camera. my second roll is waiting for me to pick it up tomorrow. from my experience so far, this looks like the nicest of the zorkis.
  8. The Molly photo is fabulous - way to go.
  9. Chuck, Great pictures and good camera. The J8 is one of my favorites when street shoting with no looking through the finder. I meter with a L-398 too when I need it. This one was in an old rail station converted in shop center. Zorki 3 J8 f4 1-60 hand held 100TMax at 200 ASA
  10. Zorki 3M rocks! And Jupiter is amazing!

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