Zorki 3 and Leica Summitar

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by luis triguez, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. When you use a Summitar + hood with a LTM Leica or similar, the first trouble you find is de impossibility to see correctly through the viewfinder. Among all the choices to avoid such a situation is to change the shade for the correct one: the massive "barn door" (I must confess it�s so ugly to me). Other is to bay an expensive bright line finder SBOOI. Another to use zone focusing system� and so on. Mine is very simple as you can see.
  2. Oven. Pastry-making. All Tri-X D-76 (1:1)
  3. Your photos have that wonderfu; classic look - beautiful. I don't know the thread size of the Summitar but this guy sells vented hoods in various classic thread sizes:

  4. A good bit of lateral thinking, Luis.
  5. Michel Thanks a lot. I'll have a look on that hoods place
  6. H. Very kind.
  7. Classic combo and the images show the two well. The SBOOI may exceed the value of the Zorki body, but it makes framing soooooo much easier.
  8. Luis, I love that glass. you nailed the exposure to the point where I feel like touching the glass. The lens is so crisp it gives a 3D look as well. Great job, thanks for sharing
  9. Andrew.
    You are right. Too expensive the SBOOI LTM viewfinder. Nevertheless I still looking for a cheap one. Maybe one of these days in the big auction :)

    Mihai. As kind as usual. The problem with the bottle: no wine any more in it.
  10. Luis,

    Look for a Voightlander Kontur finder. It is a 1:1 50mm finder and a lot less $$$$ than the SBOOI. Here is a pic from a completed auction.


  11. Thanks Less!
  12. I own a Summitar lens, that i mount both on Leica M2 or FED 5B.
    I use an original lens hood model IROOA: this don't are specifically dedicated for Summitar, but work perfectly too, without any problems with viewfinder or rangefinder patch in both Leica M2 or FED 5B.

    Vincenzo Maielli Bari Italy

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