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  1. I've just bought myself a Zorki 10! I'm not usually attracted to FSU cameras, but Zorki 10 looks really cool. Unfortunately these cameras are AE only, and many of their meters have stopped working by now.

    The Zorki 10 web pages found on Google mostly are about the specs and styling. I'd like to know if any of you have user experience to share. Cheers.
  2. That DOES look cool. Does yours work? From what I read, it sounds like its manual mode is pretty limited, fixed to 1/30 but you can change aperture from f/2.8-22.
  3. Wow that is too cool looking I can see why the page talks about the design, But like you I'm interested in user experience. Sounds like theoretically you have 1/30th of a second. You should be able to find some reasonable subject/light situations that might work..... for test purposes of course!!
  4. I really like the look of it! It has a timeless 'cool' feel about it despite the boxiness. I'd love to try one out.
  5. oops
  6. Art,
    It would not work. You can fix it is you know how revitalize the selenium meter. But down the road you have to deal with very unimpressive lens. So the best use for Zorki 10 is a display.
  7. You may have a candidate for a recent thread here ( http://www.photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00b0CN ) on cameras that seldom work anymore.
    You will have to be the one, I think, who informs the rest of us, not the other way around. Good luck with it!
  8. The problem doesn't have to be the meter cell - I have one of the Ricoh Auto 35's that the Zorki was copied from and the problem was the internal trap-needle galvanometer was gunked up. Once it was cleaned/exercised, the exposure control started working. I've not tested it for accuracy, but the aperture/shutter gets small/fast pointed outside and large/slow inside.
  9. - Kozma, I see what you mean. So, is there any way to revitalize a selenium meter??
    - JDM, that' a funny thread, there're several curious cameras I've not even heard of.
    - Erik, wow thanks for the tip. I'm curious about the Ricoh, too.
    Daniel /Art (I can't seem to change the regiestered name on photo.net, or can I?)
  10. Here's the manual, if you want one. Lovely little cameras, when they work...
  11. Thanks, Rick. I enjoyed reading through the manual. It's more detailed then I expected. Funny how it elaborates on the "exposure meter needle", whose faint existence I didn't notice in the VF, even after test shooting!
    The meter on my Zorki actually still kind of responds to light. When I check the aperture in Auto mode, it varies accordingly, but doesn't seem to get smaller than f/8. So I shot only a few frames with the Zorki, then shot the rest of the roll with another camera I'd like to test.
    I just manually set the aperture by guessing, with shutter speed fixed @1/30. The pictures came out alright, but the negatives confirmed issues including uneven frame spacing, tilt, and scratch. Next time I'll try to load the film more cautiously to see if it'd help.
  12. Another test shot. Less flare than I expected.
  13. The picture:
  14. Do not invest your time into making this camera working. The picture quality would not get better. Aside from the unusual design this camera overall unimpressive. (((
  15. I agree, it looks really cool, but early Soviet electronics...kind of makes you afraid!

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