Zorki 1 + 35mm Jupiter 12

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  1. The Zorki 1 (mine is from 1955) is a Russian copy of the Leica 11. Notably it is very compact for an interchangeable lens camera,for example it makes my Olympus OM1-n look big.I tried it as a landscape camera with the later Japanese made Helios multifinder which has a big clear frame suited to the 35mm Jupiter 12 lens,allowing careful composition in the viewfinder.
    It came on a trip to the Suffolk coast, UK.
    I used Kodak Color Plus film and guessed the exposure from sunny f11.
  2. This boat construction we call clinker built, with overlapping planks.Nearly all small boats were like this before fiberglass.
  3. The sport of sailing is still going strong in the UK which did well in this in the recent Olympic Games.
  4. This is a restored Tide Mill.Water from the pond (refilled when the tide comes in) flows over a water wheel in the small black shed in the center and turns the mill.
  5. There is still quite a tradition for wooden boats on this part of the coast.
  6. The Zorki 1 and its brother the Fed 1 are a good way to get into Leica lookalikes without breaking the bank.They are bottom loaders but I just use a piece of thin card placed in the slot before loading the film normally.The original 35mm Jupiter 12 was chrome,mine is a later black version.
    This outfit is still quite competitive for landscape photography being small.
    Thanks for comments.
  7. SCL


    Nice camera, nice shots.
  8. The Soviet era kit was astonishing value, wasn't it? I'm really impressed with the pictures, especially as I gave up on the Helios finder after struggling with it for a few years.
  9. Inspiring.
  10. Very nice presentation of the Zorki 1 Alan. Although your Zorki has some wear marks it still looks quite handsome. And your photos demonstrate that the Jupiter 35mm lens and Zorki body are quite capable of making excellent pictures. I expect this thread will motivate some to acquire a Zorki and give it a try.
  11. Jupiter lenses, when slightly stopped down is lovely. Thank you for sharing such a lovely series of pictures.
  12. I had a Zorki 1C which worked well with all lenses including a J-12. This Zorki is a later 1D. A point of nomenclature: the Zorki 1 is a copy of the Leica II (Roman "two") or D, not "11" (eleven).
  13. Nice work.
    When you consider that the original (the Leica) was essentially bench-built by craftsmen in small quantities for the elites, and that the Soviet philosophy called for production in the millions for the masses - it is absolutely amazing how good these mass (in every sense of the word) produced cameras are.
    My personal experience with a Zorki turned into a golden "Leica" was not too positive, but I've had excellent luck with the original Soviet "Leica" - the FED.
    The M39 lenses, like the bodies, are simply unbelievable when all is considered. How did they do it?
  14. Great shots of a lovely area, like those old boats too. Amazing what these old Soviet cameras can do. Pleased that the Aussies did well in the sailing too!
  15. Great effort with the Zorki, Alan, and nice results from the Color Plus. Cameras of this design and era take us back to the basics, and that's where the real fun lies. A fine example of the camera, and picturesque locations.
  16. Thanks,Stephen, Gene. HP, the cost of my Zorki with its collapsible 50mm lens was about 20% of the cost of a somewhat similar LTM Leica which leaves some to spend on accessories.I have found the Helios multifinder OK for 35mm field of view,maybe it does not quite line up for 85mm and 135mm.
    William,I have never found out how these early FSU cameras got into the UK and US.I found the best inspiration for using them comes from old books of pictures from Leica LTM cameras.Mukul, thanks for making clear how to specify Leica LTM models.I gather the Zorki C was also made in green and grey.
    JDM,I daresay you have seen the following history but it may be of interest:
    I'm glad they changed to making cameras not electric drills.
    Rick,thanks,I am also trying retro inkjet printing on cream paper to get the 1940's look,
    it's a project in progress.
    Thanks to all, Alan.
  17. Thanks also Tony,had to look up how many medals the Aussies won in sailing -3 golds, well done them.
  18. Nice camera and lovely pictures, Alan. I like that camera and its successors the C and 2C. Film loading from the bottom requires just a little patience and it is quite easy. One problem I face with the bottom loading Zorkis is that the take up spools are not always precise and tolerant. Many FSU dealers claim that the take spools for Zorki and Fed are the same. However, I found that they are not. Many Fed spools do not fit the Zorkis. Some stick out long at the bottom that one cannot close cover.

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