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  1. Hello. Does the Nikon D200 not have a zooming feature on the LCD monitor?
    I thought all Digital SLRs had this so yuo can inspect the sharpness of a
    photo on the camera monitor. If it doesnt then I am disappointed with Nikon
    and the D200
  2. Click on the magnifer. I think it is hte bottom button, while you are viewing an image. Then you can press the multiview button and the command wheel to control what section you'd like to view.
  3. <If it doesnt then I am disappointed with Nikon and the D200>
    If you don't read the manual, you will probably be disappointed with ANY DSLR. Try page 103.
  4. Amen Blake. RTFM.
  5. It seems to me the manual is not well written. I did read the manual
  6. Page 103 is titled; "Taking a Closer Look: Playback Zoom"
    It then goes on, "Press the ENTER button to zoom in on the image displayed.............."
    Seems fairly clear to me, which I must admit is somewhat unusual for manuals. Nikon got it right for a change.
  7. We all approach life from different angles and in such a diverse activity as ours with different langages it is hard to write something which will guide the knowledgable let alone those less so who may not know the words one uses, or whose native language is not english. Remeber 'moving motives' of recent times here?

    Then there is the aspect of understanding and recall, these cameras are g'ddam complicated, even 'simple' point and shoots can trap one, me anyway.

    Plus we are not far gone from the days when "you read the manual when all else fails"
  8. The D200 has menu feature where you can program the middle of the
    nav button to zoom in, I has mind set for a 100% so I can see
    how sharp the image is. This a great feature. I don't any other camera is as feature rich or as complicated. :)

    RTM again and again or buy Thom Hogan guide http://www.bythom.com/

    Read the messages on the Nikonians board.
  9. "RTM" will do. We can do without the" F". ;-)

    Leonard, press the "Enter" (or the "Loupe") button while an image is displayed. Then use
    the "Thumbnails" button (the little squares) in conjunction with the main dial to zoom in
    more, and with the pad to navigate around in the image.

    But, yes, by all means, RTM.
  10. Sorry Bernard...Bernard F.

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