Zoom Error on Metz 58AF1 for Canon

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by michelle_sandlin, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. While shooting with my Canon Rebel XTi and Metz 58AF1, a "Zoom Error" popped up
    on the flash's LCD. I didn't drop it or knock it against anything - it just
    appeared out of nowhere. I've only had this flash since October. Anyone else
    have this problem? The manual does not address this problem at all.
  2. I ordered one 58 AF-1 for my Pentax and I received it today. First thing I noticed was the Zoom error message in the Lcd. It also seemed that the reflector was stuck and did not zoom in or out displaying always the same focal. After 1/2 hour of attempts, it started moving and displaying the correct focal distance.
    Im gonna test it the next days. If it happens again I will return the flash.
  3. It seems that, in most of the cases, that's cause by low charge batteries. After putting fresh batteries the problem seems to disappear.

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