Zoom creep in new Nikkor 18-200 VR

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hearst, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. I just got a Nikkor 18-200 VR and am getting serious creep when I
    point it straight down. Is this typical (assuming there are enough
    out there to know) or should I send it back?
  2. You can try another one, some of them are likely to be stiffer than others. Or you can have it made stiffer at a photo gear repair shop.

    Or you can just get another lens which doesn't have this problem, such as the pair of 18-70 DX and 70-200/2.8.
  3. I'm hearing more and more about this being a problem with new Nikkors. My new 18-35 does the same thing. I think I have it set at one length, and it's messed up when I go back to use it.
  4. There seem to be some out there that creep. Mine doesn't. I'd return it for one that doesn't.
  5. Ilkka, I should hope there's no problems on Nikon's top of the line 70-200/2.8. But it seems
    a recommendation out of touch with the budget reality of one buying an 18-200 to suggest
    the 70-200/2.8.

    In any event, the lens shouldn't creep and should be returned.
  6. Life is tough, Nikon is out there to make money, and they price well made lenses in the category of the 70-200. I can't change it but this is just the reality of being a Nikon user.
  7. you should return it, especially if you got it used.
    that "streched" zoom will creep in time. but it will be nicer if the creep develops in your ownership of the lens.
  8. Mine is relatively stiff and doesn't creep. It shouldn't be all loose right from the beginning even if it may lossen up a bit over time. I'd return it and see if you can find one that you are happy with.
  9. One possible explanation for the variability of zoom creep that different people are experiencing: I get zoom creep when the (heavy) Nikon UV filter is attached, but do not get it without the filter. Presumably some people use protective filters and some do not. I plan not to use it in the future unless I expect a hostile environment (e.g., the beach).
  10. Oops, mine does it when I point the lens both straight up and straight down. I found it is annoying but did not realize I should exchange for another one. Thanks for bringing up this issue!
  11. Joel, mine does not creep with a UV filter fitted.
  12. <<especially if you got it used>>

    Well, that's possible, I suppose, but it would be pretty unlikely. The lens did not become availabe for retail sale until last month.

    Be well,
  13. One additional question.

    I have a Tokina (Nikon AF) 35-300mm lens that has always suffered Zoom creep. It has a latch that will hold it compressed but with the latch off it creeps quite readily.

    Anything to do here? Or just suffer with it?
  14. Most long "one-touch" zooms will creep. My Sigma 70-210 is notorious for that. Putting a strip of Scotch tape on the zoom/focus ring might help as an occasional temporary fix, but certainly inconvenient. Long term solution? Get a "two-touch" with separate zoom and focussing rings.
  15. My Tokina is a "two touch" lens. But creep it does. More like a sprint.
  16. My 18-200VR crept pretty badly until I 'fixed' it. I rubbed a little silicon grease all the way around the 'crack' where the zoom ring meets the focus scale. I also heated the lens a bit with a hair dryer(!) and turned the zoom ring vigorously to help work the grease into the crack. It still creeps a bit - now only when pointed up - but not nearly as bad as before. Before you call me crazy: I used to work with Nikonos gear, and using silicon grease was common practice to maintain water-tightness. Disclaimer: do this at your own risk, I'm not liable for any damage it might do to your lens.
  17. Wow Ken, you ARE crazy. :)

    Thanks for the tip though...actually not a bad idea.

    That said, I think all 18-200 VRs are still under warranty, so a quick trip back to Nikon may be easier, no?

    Has anyone had this issue fixed under warranty?

  18. I had it fixed under warranty about a year ago. No problem, got it back quickly and no problems since.
  19. Joe,

    Did Nikon say what the issue was? Is it a specific batch or...?

    Just curious. I used mine today, as it happens, and it still seems relatively tight.

  20. Mine creeps from all settings when carried on a strap. Nikon USA's KB says it is normal and acceptable. Go to nikonusa.com, find the knowlege base, and search on "zoom creep" (no quotes). The answer references the 18-200. The Nikon support rep said lenses may vary, but the characteristic is not repairable -- though I was welcome to send the lens in and try my luck, just not to expect improvement. He said the phenomemum can be related to temperature of the internal lubricants. Also a small amount of play is expected at full zoom and should have not impact on optics.

    When I asked about rubber bands used to prevent the zoom ring moving, he suggested to use the soft wide ones used to secure hockey pads. Apparently o-rings and tape strips are also used (see http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1030&message=23565854). I am still looking and plan to try an o-ring first.

    Good luck.
  21. mjt


    hi Joe ...

    this is a long-time, known issue ... a smart google search will reveal this fact.

    heck, even Ken Rockwell experiences this: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/18200/18200-zoom.htm

    regards, michael
  22. My new 18-200 would creep from 35 to 135 mm in 3 seconds when pointed downward. Sent it back to Nikon for repair. When it was returned a month ago it seemed to have no creep. Now - it is back to the 3 second creep. Called Nikon again - they say this is "normal" and cannot ensure a fix if I send it in again for repair and they will not exchange the lens. Good optics - terrible construction.
  23. I posted this response in another forum question, but didn't think it would get the viewing that it will here on this thread.... but here it is July 2008 and my new 18-200VR has a good case of creep, so it's a given that Nikon isn't changing this with the newer models.

    So.... I decided to fix it myself (ahem) without the silicon grease - sorry Ken :) I'm chicken to try that.

    Ok guys, I'm old enough to handle some derision for this suggestion, and even some laughs if you're not too obvious about it; but here is a fix for the lens "creep" with the 18-200VR.

    I have taken one of my football koozees, the insulated drink holder, and cut a 1-5/8" strip from the open end. Now, this is not the big fat foam type, but the 1/8" thick, fabric covered type. As it happens my team is navy blue, so it blends well with the lens; turn it inside out and pull it on down to the zoom ring. It stops the creep and as a bonus protects the middle portion of the lens and is a nice grip also. A negative is that you cannot see the zoom indicator.

    I've been using this for several weeks now, including a trip to the Smokies that involved hiking with the camera and lens dangling on the strap straight down; and NO creep!

    I knew it, I hear laughter! Mike
  24. I google'd "stop zoom creep" and found a company called Lens Band, making silicone rubber bands that fit on zoom lenses. I purchased one from their ebay site and it does work as promised.
  25. Your solution sounds like a commercialization of what I ended up doing. I bought a wristband for Livestrong (Lance Armstrong charity) and use it just like the Lens Band. It helps greatly. I imagine that all the wristbands are similar. You can choose one based on your desire to help an organization or t get a particular color.

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