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  1. I have a series of pics taken from a very suggestive video that were screen caps. There are particular areas that i'm trying to zoom in to clear the blur caused by the zoom. I use gimp but am having a hard time making it work. My skill level at gimp is limited but from searching on the net for a solution I have up short.

    Any ideas to accomplish this!

    Thanks, and please feel free to PM me for a full explanation of the entire issue.
  2. This would probably be better posted in the Digital Darkroom forum.

    So, let's see if we've got the question straight:
    You're trying to make small areas of a screenshot captured from a video clearer. Is that right?

    If so, I think you've been watching too many thriller or spy movies. Where some wizard geek presses a button and blurry, pixelated and dark surveillance footage suddenly sharpens up to clearly show the face of someone 200 yards away at night.

    That isn't possible, and doesn't happen except in the movies. Same as a fit person isn't able to outrun an explosion. Nor being able to drive at speed through a crowded market without injuring anyone. It's just fantasy.
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  3. There is a science of deconvolution, which sometimes works amazingly well, and sometimes not well at all.

    If you want to see when it works well, look at the early pictures from the Hubble telescope, with the mirror defect.

    The point spread function was known extremely accurately, as they knew exactly what was wrong with the mirror.
    As usual, you don't get it for free, and that is you need enough signal/noise ratio to do it.

    I suspect that I agree with Joe, though. Video tends to have lower signal/noise ratio, and probably not so well known spot function.
  4. Your best bet with GIMP is to crop desired image, scale image with NoHalo interpolation, apply some unsharp mask legacy and slap some CIE Ich noise to create fake sense of resolution.
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    In my experience it would be unusual for members to provide a full explanation via PM to you, especially considering that the first response was a (so far unanswered) question, seeking clarification of the question you asked.

    It would be a good idea to respond to the question and engage in this conversation, historically, doing so, reaps useful advice from a range of experienced members here.

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  6. Why would you want to eliminate zoom blur? Many of us do that in still photographyo_O:confused:
    Jes' jokin'
  7. Is that with a push-pull zoom?

    As I might have written elsewhere, I got a Nikon AI 80-200 zoom lens for $12,
    and is the only push/pull zoom lens that I have.

    I suspect that might be easier than with a rotating zoom, but maybe it works
    fine either way.

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