Zonnebeke Memorial Museum Passchendale 2007

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  1. As the 2010 date for the Living History event at Zonnebeke is approaching I dug out the old Kodak No.2 Box Brownie negatives from the event in 2007.
    Back then, I had recently acquired my Brownie and had not used it before. By my incorrect calculations I figured I needed 50 ISO film. That combined with the crappy software HP provided with my G4050 resulted in less then satisfactory images (also learned about covering up the red window the hard way ;) ).
    3 Years and a small investment in Vuescan later, I'm much more pleased with these now then I was before:
    The Great War Society setting up their field kitchen that provided food for the participants during the weekend.
    My friend Ed walked around like a poor lost Doughboy.
    British nurses enjoying the morning sunshine
    French Poilus
    The Royal Navy stretcher bearers from the VMD, put me up for the weekend and gave me clothes to wear. I was dressed in Hospital Blues, and hobbled around with a cane. People thought I was really crippled.
    The Vickers M .303 Machine Gun. The Mainstay of the British Army MG corps in both World Wars
    The brownie will be getting another outing at this year's edition of the event. Watch this space for the results, heh.
  2. I really enjoy these. Thanks.
    Our spring more or less French and Indian War (Seven Years War) enactment is coming up again. It's a little hard to photograph it with contemporary cameras from the era, as I've mentioned before, but you inspire me to make some kind of effort.
  3. Some charcoal and a piece of vellum might be more appropriate there ;)
  4. I'm struck by how sharp some of these negs realy are! You seemed to ne convinced enough to use this caemra agian!! Happy Hunting!!
  5. I'm amazed by what you produce with that Brownie, Rick. That's a classic WWI pic of your friend Ed.
    Thanks for another nice series.
  6. Wonderful use of a simple old camera. It makes the pictures look like they were taken of the real thing, not just a re-enactment!
  7. These are always enjoyable to see Rick, and your choice of camera makes it just that more authentic, complete with the obligatory light leaks!
    Ed looks just like someone out of my Grandfathers' album, and wouldn't it be great if all warfare could be restricted to re-enactments.

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