Zone VI Enlarger experience

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jerry_robinson, Apr 8, 1998.

  1. I am planning to build a B&W darkroom. I initially will be doing 6X6 work but plan to move up to 4X5. I'm intersted in the Zone VI 5x7 enlarger sold by Calumet (with the Variable Contrast cold light head).


    Does anyone have experience with this enlarger? Recommend it? A better alternative? I'm not a professional and price is important but I'm viewing this as an investment. I have roughly a $2500 budget for this.
  2. I don't have any experience with this enlarger but i considered it when I was upgrading from my Ahel cold light enlarger (a good value for money but obscure French brand). In the end I went with the Durst Pictograph (the new model is the Durst Multigraph) mainly because I like the idea of the probe and local servicing backup. There is a review of the current model in Photo Techniques last month or the month before. What I can tell you about the Durst is this: I cant imagine a better enlarger, with finer quality construction or easier controls. I can produce prints in an hour now that would have taken me half a day before. Someone once explained to me that he was too poor to buy cheap things; if you get the Durst you will understand what he meant.

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