Zone VI 4x5, age? Serial #?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by bob_smith, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know how to tell when a particular Zone VI camera was
    made? The one I purchased is not a Wizner made model(by Mr. Wizner's
    dsecription in View Camera Magazine). I am pretty sure it was made
    before Calumet bought Zone VI out. Reliable way to tell? Thanks in
    advance, Bob
  3. The prior post gives Richard Ritter's web site. Richard was "de man" of the Zone VI Camera from its inception until the Calumet period, and should be able to tell you at least roughly when the camera was made if you tell him the serial number.

    Richard remains "de man" for repairs and work on large format equipment. Excellent work at reasonable prices.
  4. Yes, I just assumed he knew that, but should have said so. I've used Richard with great results.

    If this is THE Bruce Barlow, Bob may not know the post after mine was made by the person who, unlike Richard, was in the "front office" for Fred, and highly regarded by him too. Bruce is forever immortalized, with Fred, as an "actor asking the right questions for Fred to eludicate and expound upon - thereby making Fred look good" on one of Fred's videos [darkroom as I recall]. He's also mentioned frequently in Fred's newsletters.

    Bruce, why don't you write an article about your days at Zone VI, dealing with Fred, like Wisner did, for ViewCamera Mag? There are still lots of us Z VI "nuts" who would love to hear Picker war stories.

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