Zone System Wheel/LF Photography disks

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  1. hi

    i found these very interesting devices while surfing for some stuff
    for my medium cameras

    i do not use LF cameras(though I wish...),but i know a lot of you
    guys do,so perhaps some will find them links useful:))


    al marconi
  2. This seems just as useful for smaller formats, but I suppose the use of a big camera does help one to slow down and take a more thoughtful approach to metering. I've never really tried to practice the discipline of the zone system, but I think it is useful to consider the issues in terms of both the initial exposure and the final result on paper or on the screen. The dial on the old Weston meters provides a similar display, though I don't any longer have a shot at reading it without an extra-strong pair of glasses.
  3. Hi,
    I've modified one of those to use an old Weston meter dial(s), which I find quite practical, since I work with Speed Graphic and Ektar lens - with older speeds, just like the Weston.
    Anyway, here's the link.
    Look under "Zone System Dial (Weston style)" and you can download a PDF.
  4. Al, I'm looking at your posted PDF and I think the speed dial is backwards?
  5. I assembled one of these puppies a while ago--it works really well if you laminate the page with clear plastic before you assemble. I think Kinko's does this, or any decent print shop.

    Here's the kicker: I don't really use it much, partly because I'm not sure what the middle dial is for (the one with #s 2-20 & all the little hash marks.) I wish that instructions came with it. Any thoughts?

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