Zombie cameras rise again

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by tom_cheshire, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. What is the dustiest camera you have ever found? Or, this is what happens when you go digital. Not to worry. The old Walz Envoy 35 is shiny again.
  2. Wow! Having now seen the "before" picture, I'd love to see the "after" picture of the camera with its new, shiny finish.
  3. Right on, Andy. We need to see the shiny version. I'll bet it's a big improvement. And if it
    still works post some of the photos it takes.
  4. That really is a little grubby. At least it looks mainly like dust; I was once given a Retinette that had been stored in a garden shed and swallows had nested above it...It was past redemption, I'm afraid. Nice camera, Tom, and I'd likewise be interesting in both seeing it all shiny and seeing some images from it.
  5. I was going to suggest this Walz Envoy looks quite a lot like the cameras a certain Rick finds on a regular basis, but now you tell us, Rick, that sometimes you happen to find cameras that do not look like they were made yesterday?<br>;-)<br>Maybe you too could posts some pictures of the state the cameras are in when you find them, Rick. Everyone here should. Would be fun.
  6. Looks like sawdust. My cousin used to have that stuff floating on his coffee, and when he drank it he said, "you gotta really love wood".
  7. Now that's what they describe on Ebay as "minty"!
  8. Yeah, the Seller's name is CAMERASELLER, and his auctions always say, "I don't know much about cameras, but it looks okay. Needs cleaning" There's a guy like that who has been selling cameras for over 10 years, but he doesn't know much about cameras. Or the auction says, "Good for Student".
  9. Looks like it came straight from the sawmill o_O
    Here's my last two fixer-uppers.
    The Filmo had a lot of oxidation and rust (still visible on the turret in this photo) inside the shutter and the speed selector dial was rusted stuck.
    The Kodak 35 was missing a part of the viewfinder and was very dusty when I got it.
    Both work fine now. :)
  10. Probably my Minolta Hi-Matic E... Long time ago I posted a review with this picture.. I repaired and cleaned the camera. E was delivering excellent pictures, it was hard to believe and I have to say it made me proud...
    Here is Before & After picture:

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