Zing Camera Wraps - out of business? / are there alternatives?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by adam-jones, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Hi there

    i asked a question last month regarding a slip type tight fitting
    camera bag that would protect my fuji645 from small scuffs and just
    give it basic protection while its contained within a larger shoulder
    bag full of other objects.

    Zing camera wraps seemed a good idea, but i just checked their website
    and got no response. even if they are still in business i just wanted
    to check what other options i have. do many other companies make items
    like zing... especially one big enough to fit a large fuji645 frame?

    thanks for any info!
  2. Ad,<br><br>How about good quality chammy leather?
  3. http://www.tiffen.com/Header_page_Zing.htm
  4. I think there is a similar product under the Domke brand name. Maybe Domke Lenswraps? Come in a variety of sizes and one might be big enough.
  5. You have the Domke Wraps, the "Calumet" Brand Wrap and also
    the Zing wraps. All are still available for sale. Check B & H Photo
    or Calumet On-Line Stores.

  6. Ebay has a seller (david kohl?) that sell lens wrap that are better than Domke's . I own both types, so I know.
  7. I use a couple Zings, Domkes, and F64s and all do the jobs expected. The fit on your
    Fuji may work in the larger SLR case from Zing. OpTech also makes a similar
    neoprene case to the Zings.
  8. I have the David Honl wraps too, at the suggestion of a newspaper photographer friend of mine. Much better than the other wraps I've seen. I bought them direct from the website at http://www.davidhonlphoto.com


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