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  1. Does anyone know what is happening to Zeiss Ikonta prices on the auction site?
    They seem to be going through the roof. I recently paid $325.00 for an
    excellent condition 531/2 from a local dealer. Now I'm seeing similar
    condition Ikontas with bidding or asking prices in the $500 to $1200 range.
    Are Super Ikontas suddenly becoming an investment vehicle?

  2. You did fine IF your viewfinder is clear, the focusing is accurate (and it probably is), and the lens is perfectly clear and the body is free of Zeiss Bumps.
    That said, on that auction site there is a German seller who prices his stuff at about 40% over the top, and that 'Hollywood' seller who typically doubles the accepted prices under BIN. Forget them. They are not the marketplace. The are more fishermen than sellers.
    The Ikontas with the Synchro shutter are appropriately spendy because they are so darned rare and, frankly, superior to pre-war versions.
    I follow the whole trend because I have three very nice Ikontas (645, 6x6, 6x9), but it took years to get them. Typical Ikontas from that auction site are poorly described, overrated items and not because sellers lie, but because they don't know how to evaluate what they have.
    But I think there exists a niche buyer who looks for Super Ikontas in EX condition, and since condition is everything, those few properly described as EX cameras go for major dollars.
    Below is a link to a snapshot I did yesterday as part of an evaluation of a super clean rangefinder Ikonta 6x9. The focus is right on. Although the lens has zero visual defects (amazing), it is not sharp at any aperture and I find that typical of earlier 6x6 and 6x9s. I did use a lens hood. Look at the upper right for some, ah, interesting Bokeh.
    link: http://www.digoliardi.net/scan007.jpg
  3. I guess that the prices just really took me by surprise. With the auction site, I know that it is strictly caveat emptor. From the Germans, after watching their prices on Hassy and Ziess, I know to expect extremely high prices. What just took me aback was the number of high priced Ikontas being offered.

    Finding one in pristine condition is nigh on impossible unless it was a museum piece. Every Albada finder I have ever looked through has either been cloudy or unusable (mine falls in the former condition).

    That being said, mine does take outstanding pictures. It's great for landscapes and as a carry around due to its light weight. I love my Hassy, but it is a bummer to trek with it, several backs and two to three lenses. It gets the backpack a bit heavy.

    That being said, I'll keep an eye on prices, but I'll no longer be shocked.

  4. Why my last post printed in Italics I'll never know. If this does the same I apologize.
  5. I was recently shopping for a Super Ikonta IV with a working light meter but I was disillusioned with the high prices too. The meters are not guarenteed accurate and may die at any time. Still I wanted to buy a pocketable medium format camera. Doing more research I finally considered the Fuji GA645. Modern optics and light meter but still small enough to carry around. I contacted the guy who is selling this camera currently in the PN ads:


    This camera is great quality and it comes from a guy who personally used the camera, and it has low mileage for the price (which is usually less than some Ikontas are selling for now). I changed my mind about buying for unrelated reasons but I still recommend this guy and this camera. For the price you can't go wrong.

    BTW: I have owned seven medium format folders. None of them have the features of the Fuji GA645.
  6. I sometimes love italics, but other times I do not.
    As mentioned the last of the Super Ikontas C models, those with the Synchro-Compur shutter and Zeiss-Opton lenses sell for very inflated prices. To add insult to injury, most will not be used to take photos, but will stay indoors as part as collection.
  7. </i></i></i>Let's try this again.
  8. Years ago, I was "lucky" to be able to find a 1955 MX Super Ikonta C with the Tessar 105/3.5 mounted on a Synchro Compur shutter + case + the 6x4.5 mask. Perfect and beautiful, and an excellent picture taker. I din't know that the prices are now, as high as described here.

    Pico, the lens used for your example picture... a Novar or a Tessar?

    Thanks, Tito.
  9. Pico, The "bokeh" is nice but the flare is quite noticeable.
  10. I love old folders, but I am a user not a collector. I have three Super Ikontas which look
    pristine but aren't very good picture takers. I have one Agfa Super Isolette folder which
    makes excellent photos but was quite expensive. My best folders, however, are two
    Ukrainian Iskras which aren't much to look at, but they make unbelievably sharp photos
    with very pleasing contrast. Sometimes I can't distinguish my Iskra photos from ones I
    make with LF cameras and the latest Schneider LF lenses. Perhaps the Super Ikonta
    cameras/Zeiss lenses are overpriced?
  11. Look at this one, 752$!: http://cgi.ebay.com/Zeiss-Ikon-Super-Ikonta-531-2-Tessar-105mm-f3-5-Superb_W0QQitemZ7630983684QQihZ017QQcategoryZ11717QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem!

    I feel tempted to sell mine, I bought it by 120� (150$USD) a year ago, and it is mint, with all the original stuff, like the release cable saying zeiss ikon:
  12. Hello Miguel:

    Does the depicted camera have a 105/4.5 Tessar or the 3.5?

    I have another one besides my 1955 C. It is the 1934 C with an uncoated 105/4.5 Tessar whereas the shutter release is a "plunger" next to the lens.

    I could not see the one on ebay!

    Thanks, Tito.
  13. It seems to me that two thngs are haippening. First it appears that more users as well as some collectibles are being offered for austion; no doubt because many owner/users are switching to difital. OTOH the prices at which they are offered do not reflect the increase in the supply. Thus it would seem to me that it will take a year or so for the prices to be realistically reflect the available supply. It also appears to me that collectors who have been hanging onto less desirable or near collectible cameras are getting rid of their surplus. I had been seeking a Voigtlander "Superb" for a couple of years and finally managed to snag one in excellent condition for much less than I had bid previoulsly. If the trend conginues I would expect the market to even out for a year or so with evetually more realistic prices until the supply is exhausted, and then the prices of the rarer items to begin to increase.
  14. Hi Tito, sorry, the link had a "!" that shouldn't be there, here is the right one:


    Mine as the 3.8 Tessar, this one is the 3.5
  15. Alo Miguel:

    Obrigado pela informacao. Amanha, esperamos que Portugal ganhe o jogo de futebol contra a Inglaterra.
  16. Hello! I'm deviating slightly from the previous subject, but this is still in the realms of Zeiss Ikontas. I recently bought a battered old folder from a car boot stall for three pounds Sterling. On taking it home I stuck the leather back on, cleaned it all over with Ronsonol, then polished it with Kiwi boot polish. The camera turned out to be a Semi Prince, from a Japanese maker.It is a direct copy of an Ikonta A,520. Things were sticking on the shutter,so I removed it,by unscrewing the ring inside the rear,then straightening things which had got bent and were preventing the thing from working. It took quite a bit of gentle tweaking before it fired OK, but I did it! I then cleaned the lens with Jessops cleaning fluid. It now works beatifully, and it has the first film in. The lens is a Schneider Jsco,f4.5, 7.5cm, and the shutter is named as a Prontor, but I think it may actually be a Telma as the speeds are 25,50,100 125. They were both made by Gauthier. I think it was made in 1938 as they added a PC socket that year. The only drawback with the camera is that the tab on the front door has been broken off, so I have to use an elstic band to keep it closed. The D ring of the rewind has been replaced with a brass knob, which is no detriment. C. Lowe
  17. Bom portugu고:) (e ganhou)
  18. "Bom portugu?" should be read Bom portugues, this forum doesn't accept some ponctuation...
  19. and by the way, I couldn't resist and put mine for sale, I don't use it so much and I need the money... :s

  20. Miguel, your starting bid at $350 tells me you do not quite have the confidence of the market. ;-)

    I do, of course, wish you well.
  21. usually my auctions start at 1$, but I think this time would be risky, and by less than 350$ I don't want to sell it.
  22. ah, and thanks:)
  23. Hi, I have a beautiful mint Zeiss-Ikon 534/16 with working meter and original case. Does anyone have an instruction manual? The camera hase a roll of 120 film in it, all speeds are very accurate, the lens is pristine, no zeiss bumps in leather, rangefinder is right on the target. Does anyone know when this model was made? Thanks
  24. I just acquired a Zeiss Ikonta 531/2, prewar model and found a great source for a manual. Try this web site: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/zeiss_ikon.htm

    Mike Butkus puts old camera manuals on the web for free downloads. He asks for a $3.00 donation if you get some value from his postings. It is a terrific service.

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