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  1. I am looking at a zeiss ikon ikoflex, thinking of buying.though I would want to know if it is the right choice and worth it. they are asking 34 dollars. I do not know all the details of it, so i am going to show a picture (below). Any information about it or prices, i would like to know.
    Elizabeth :)
  2. $34 is a steal for this camera. It looks like a Ikoflex Favorite, which usually goes for more than $200 on Ebay, I'd say go for it.
  3. Hi Elizabeth, you can look on this page, and match up the camera you are looking at. This one looks to me to be the Ikoflex Favorit, which is the last model built, and likely the most desirable. This one has a Tessar lens, I have a Ikoflex Ic, which could have come either with a Novar or a Tessar, but mine has a Novar. It is not as nice as my Rolleicord, but it is similar and has a meter on it as well. If the camera works and the shutter speeds are OK, then at $34 it is a great buy. I find the shutter release a bit awkward, but nothing too bad. It might need a CLA. All in all, these TLRs produce great images, and I would go for it.
  4. It looks new (and more gem-like) as compared to the Nettel, hint!
    Here's a list of Zeiss models.
  5. If it works, FTM even if it doesn't, $34 is a steal. I'm not really a TLR person, but this one makes me covetous.
  6. I don't know much about those cameras, but $34? You gotta be kiddin' - I'd buy that in a minute! :)
    Good luck!
  7. Yup, definitely looks like the Favorit. I miss mine... went to a collector for over $300 last year. Most-handsome of the Ikoflexes, and awesome finish and build quality.
    Interesting quirks on this model : EV metering scale, shutter release has some failsafes - if I remember correctly it'll only fire when the hood is up and there's a roll of film in it with the frame counter properly set.
    I'd pay $34 for one that was run over by a farm tractor.
  8. A great price, probably indicating that the camera isn't operational. But I would buy it anyway. These cameras are noted for being rather fragile in their old age, and repairs are difficult to have done because of the scarcity of parts. It is very collectible, but I wouldn't consider it a reliable shooter. For regular, dependable use, I would get a Rollei.
  9. Heh! I have one of the first Ikoflexes, a 1937 model Ia, and it's a reliable shooter. So I'm going to venture that one of the last and most refined of the breed would serve you just fine, even if it needs a little work first. Like the others here, I envy your find.
  10. I agree with the others, this is a good camera. Even if it needed a full clean and adjust, would still leave room for a profit if that was your wish. And if the lens is good, it does have the ability of taking very high quality photographs if you wanted it for that purpose.. I would not hesitate on buing this one at that price, better make your call right away.
  11. thanks to all the responses! i am very excited and i cant wait to go and hopefully buy it!
    Elizabeth :)
  12. Don't listen to Rick, Ziess Ikons are very reliable, sometimes even overbuilt and a bit heavy, but very reliable. Good Luck.
  13. I love the Ikoflex cameras, here is one of mine.
  14. Here's a picture of mine:
  15. The others are lying to you. It's an awful camera. I am however prepared to take it off your hands, and send you $35 to cover the disappointment you will undoubtedly experience. This is because I have a kind and generous nature. I do not make these offers too frequently, because people take advantage of me, but in this case, I will make an exception.
  16. thank you for the beautiful pictues! those cameras do look really great. they really make me want one of my own. hopefully ill get it in about 4 days :). anyway i am sorry Alex, i think from everyone elses disciption i am going to hopefully get the camera, but thanks anyway.
  17. Well, did you get it?

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