Ziess "CF" lenses soon to die also?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by michael_darrah, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. I've read that the C series lenses for Hasselblads will be a thing of
    the past soon as repair parts are running out and are not going to be
    made available any longer. Does anyone know how long parts for the
    CF series are going to available. I've just started in MF and Can't
    afford many new CFi and CFe lenses. However, I don't want to buy
    lenses that I can't get repaired in a few years either! Any
    responses, comments, references, or other information would be
    greatly appreciated.
  2. How about sending an email direct to hasselbad usa and getting answer direct from the repair dept. as oppossed to a lot of conjecture ?
  3. Michael, this issue has been covered fairly extensively - you'll find
    some answers in the Hasselblad section. In talking the HB USA, I was told they plan to service 'C' lenses for an 'indefinite' period. There are a number of qualified hassey mechanics around, and KEH just hired a former long term HB service tech. According to KEH, they have parts to service hassey lens for a number of years.
  4. I just got a "c" chrome lens from the 60's CLA'd by Hasselblad Canada & the tech told me there was no problem finding parts for needed repairs. The only thing becoming difficult to track down were the chrome bands that have the shutter speeds written on them. Rough use can abrade these painted numbers off, & they're not stocked parts any more.

    As for CF lenses, much newer, much better prospects for long term service.
  5. Thanks to all who responded to my question. Bill, I'm new to MF and Hasselblad. My question obviously upset you? Where I work, If you don't know about something, you either ask or you could end up dead or seriously injured. Asking is a habit for me. I checked the "new" and the "hasselblad" archives and found very little that dealt with my question. Had I found more than one "thread" I would have never asked the question. Also, being new to Hasselblad, I had no idea at all that someone from Hasselblad USA would actually bother to answer an e-mail from someone they've never even heard of. My fault. Try asking Nikon a question and see what you get! We all have to start somewhere!......
    Thanks again to all........Mike
  6. Michael,
    I recently had contact with a Hasselblad rep. from the repair dept. He has been informed that many of the authorized service stations around the world have huge stockpiles of parts for the C and CF lenses, plus the percentage that go out of service each year now are being coveted as "parts vehicles". I have a friend that actually has a silver 150mm with a black focus ring on it from a repair. It works fine! The Blad rep was confident that parts for many years of service were around and not to worry. I personally have a 1958 vintage 500c that I plan to use for many years and even hand down to my sons. The rep imparted to me that their experience is that under harsh use the C and CF lenses will outlast the newer CFI and E lenses two to one but economics being what they are plastic is the new medium. The older lenses are infinately rebuildable while the newer items are not. And you might relay this along to Bill, don't want him out of the loop.
  7. Michael asked: "Does anyone know how long parts for the CF series are going to be available?"

    Here is the official answer from Zeiss: Zeiss will supply spare parts and will service (in their own service department at the factory in Oberkochen/Germany) lenses for a period of at least 15 years after discontinuation of these lenses. For CF lenses, which were succeeded by the CFi/CFE series at photokina 1998, this statement means that service will be possible until 2013, at least!

    And here comes the best part: While C lenses were equipped with a Compur shutter, which required relubing from time to time and which also needed a new main spring after several years of heavy use, the CF and all newer lenses are equipped with a Prontor CF shutter, a much stronger 310 parts all metal design with far less need for maintainance. Which translates into higher reliability and a far extended service life. This Prontor CF shutter became even further developed into the new CFi (i stands for improved) version with the NIVAROX main spring, which lasts beyond 400.000 shutter trippings. (Leica is proud that their focal plane shutter lasts beyond 100.000 trippings, Nikon even claims 150.000 for the F 5 and feel they are the leader in professional reliability.)

    So, when you purchase a Zeiss CF lens with your Hasselblad or even a CFi, this should be a reliable and lasting tool for decades to come.

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