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  1. Although somewhat smaller than the Yashica GSN, the Super Ikonta is the one with the big picture. This funky, a bit stinky old guy cost me a grand total of ...no, i'm ashamed to tell you, but two digits only, and is in great working order. A brief cleaning of the novar anastigmat and the viewfinder, some rf adjustment and he's ready for action. I'll be back with the results.
  2. My Isolette was kinda funky/stinky too after years of sitting in its original leather case.

    After wiping it down with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball it was fine. A little of the leatherette smell was left.
  3. Csab,
    I guess GAS (gear aquisition syndrome) is breaking out? Enjoy the SI, I have a standard one (521/16) also with the Novar and like it. Although nothing compares to a Rolleiflex :)
  4. Lex, I had a rolleicord with this smell. I left him sitting out on a shelf without case, for half a year, with occasional walk out there for a shooting day; the smell was completely gone. OK, the camera is also completely gone now (darn burglers) but the smell was gone a bit before. Kai - yes, i could not resist to such an offer :) But the 'flex will not miss any shots due to an ikonta. In fact i wanted a rectangular format (6x9 pr 6x4.5) folder but this is what came up... Here's a pic from the old Rolleiflex i bought from Kai. An Automat 2, w uncoated tessar 3.5, on NPH. (Flatbed print scan.)
  5. And another one. Featuring myself on a sunny sunday morning.
  6. Wow - I had no idea that GSN's were so BIG (I've never met one in person). Thanks for the comparison photo!

  7. I bought a Yashica GT to try out the highly regarded lens, and was surprised by the size AND the weight of the camera. Makes me appreciate my Perkeo 6x6 even more.
  8. I think a Super Ikonta with the Novar is actually fairly rare but relatively unwanted.

    I don't know about the Novar, but my vanilla Ikonta 521/16 with the prewar Tessar is killer sharp. I can't really compare blindly to my Rolleiflex shots though because the direction of the film travel (horizontal) gives away the Ikonta.
  9. I have seen some on e-bay lately (that went for much less than the tessar versions, of course) but i'm not a sharpness freak.

    However, i think the folding nature of these folders (sorry) - lens board parallelity, film flatness issue, alignment degradation over time) should result in less precise focusing over that large frame, than a solid un-dented TLR. With 50+ old cameras, the focus alignment precision should count much more than the differences between the lens designs, i'm sure of that.
  10. I've got a Novar on my 521/16 that does very nice work. Also have the hulking 532/16 Super Ikonta with a Tessar that is very good, but I almost never want to lug it around. I think your model is a much better buy given its portability.
  11. Stinky to one is aroma to another !
  12. Zeiss Ikon folders are pretty solid. A dented one might not be as true as a nice un-dented TLR, but an undented one will probably give it a run for its money.

    And yeah, the Yashica rangefinders were HUGE......

  13. Not all of the yashica's were so big. That's why i miss (stolen) my electro 35 CC with its 35mm f/1.8 lens and small sexy body. :(
  14. Csab,
    nice to see the 'flex is in good hands. Let us see some pictures of the SI soon!

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