Zeroing in on an RZ kit - RZ vs. RZ Pro II (and RRS too)

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  1. I'm using KEH as a source, as they've been reliable for me in the past.

    They have an RZ kit: RZ, WL finder, 110/2.8 W, 120 back. EX+ @ $923.

    Then add an RZ 180 W-N lens EX+ @ $415. Total: $1,338

    KEH has some RZ Pro II's, but no kits that feature them. Piecing
    together individual components for an equivalent RZ Pro II based
    configuration is considerably more money.

    Does the RZ Pro II represent that much greater value/functionality
    over the RZ?

    Might it be worth it to call up KEH and ask them to custom configure
    the above 110/2.8 W kit with an RZ Pro II and quote me a price?

    Any and all advice greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I have a pretty sturdy (heavy) Manfrotto 475 and the Acratech
    Ultimate ball head using RRS plates. Anyone use RRS plates for an RZ?

  2. Some people say that RZ Pro has lesser reliability than RZ Pro II (it is supposedly the least reliable camera from the R*67 series). But then again, you have armies of RZ Pro users who never had a failure.

    You can always start with an RZ Pro kit and then just swap the body when you decide that you cannot be without RZ Pro II. That's the advantage of modular system. To find about the differences between RZ and RZ2, go to Mamiya's website (the URL guess is left as an exercies to the reader) and download user manuals for both).

    I would definitely call KEH and ask them whether they can make a kit for you. It costs nothing to ask.
  3. I just emailed customer service asking them for a quote on an RZ Pro II based body configured similarly to the RZ based kit. I let them know I'm also interested in the 180 W-N, so maybe that will encourage them to give me a good price on the bundle.

    Fingers crossed :)

  4. Just hang out and wait for a good deal on the bay... I got this deal recently, and the camera looked like it was shipped to me directly from the factory.
  5. For me, the optimal solution was to get TWO RZ67 bodies, for less than the cost of ONE RZ67 ProII. I paid under $350 each for my used RZ67 bodies, in Ex+ and Ex condition. A single RZ67 II would have cost me at least $800 in Ex condition at the time.

    The likelihood of BOTH RZ67 bodies failing on a single shoot is miniscule - statistically much lower than the likelihood of a single RZ67 II failing on a job - this would even true if the RZ67 had 100X the failure rate of an RZ67 II.

    (In fact, I've never had either one fail, but I don't use them hard).
  6. I have used Mamiya RZ'd daily since 1992. I traded my regular
    (but very tired) RZ bodies for Pro II bodies a few years ago.
    Supposedly the construction is a bit more rugged, but seeing as
    I never had a problem with my original bodies it's hard for me to
    assess this.

    There is now a secondary fine tuning knob for focusing on the
    right hand side, but again I never had a focusing problem with
    the original bodies so for me that is moot too.

    The big (HUGE) difference between the Pro and Pro II bodies is
    the introduction of 1/2 stop incriments on the shutter speeds.
    Anyone who mixes strobe and daylight will find their ratio options
    effectively doubled, and working becomes much quicker and
    easier. This feature alone makes the price difference worth it for
    the way I work.

    I think (and I am quite willing t be corrected on this one, as it's
    just hearsay) that you can only use a digital back with the Pro II
    and not the original body - this may or may not be a
    consideration at some point in the future.

    Whichever body you choose I'm sure you will be very happy.

    John -

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