ZeroImage Vs 8Banners

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  1. hi,
    i was wandering if anybody tried the 8banners pinhole cameras ( : what about the results ?
    I'm willing to purchase a pinhole very soon and i dont know what would be the best choice : a ZeroImage
    69 or 612, or an 8banners 612 ?
    did anyone try both cameras ?
  2. kpk



    I bought a ZeroImage 612B a few months ago.

    I have no complaints: service was efficient and the camera is very well made (the camera is so well finished you might be inclined to put it on display).

    I'm using the camera regularly and I'm absolutely delighted with the results I'm getting. As an aside, it is my first attempt at pinhole photography and I'm finding the whole experience a liberation.

    I have not tried an 8Banners camera so I cannot offer any comparisons.

  3. [[I have not tried an 8Banners camera so I cannot offer any comparisons.]]

    I too cannot offer any comparisons but I am a ZeroImage owner. I purchased the ZeroImage 2000 a few years ago and have found it to be an excellent camera. Very well made and finished and the service was excellent. I do not use it nearly enough.
  4. I use many kinds of pinholes, but have not used the 8 Banners. I think that the Zero Image is the best from my experience.
  5. i have both, the Zero Image is beautifully crafted - a work of art almost, the 8 banners a
    piece of junk - warped, split, poor craftmanship. and no response from them when i e-
    mailed them about the problems. Pretty easy choice here! -Josef

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