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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by mdcarma, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. I sure hope the bidding doesn't get out of hand, his feedback is "0"
    item 7502904086 on the bay
  2. What is he selling?
  3. Kodak Junior 620, with leather case, and German instructions. Opening bid is $3500.00....doesn't give the shipping charge. ;-]
  4. ... selling apparently a rare, one-of-a-kind Kodak 620 folder, though thankfully it's not marked as "rare" or "mint" rather as "absolutely great condition."
    Price seems slightly high, so I guess I'll pass.
  5. It becomes a classic on Crookbay. Either something real but with normally no high value listed at a very high price to catch naﶥ people (a classic) ; or : something virtual listed several times with every keyword that has something to do with a photography famous brand (a new genre).

    I found that one while searching for Contax items within the United Kingdom. Something sad and pathetic IMHO. A realistic time illness signal, with the $$ to be left as the only trustable value.
    O tempora, o mores...
  6. You must read "naive people". Sorry for that latin diacritic mistake.
  7. Heck, I forgive you.
  8. Bomb bard him with qusitions I just sent one.
  9. I think I'm going to bid on the DVD clip. She looks like a really nice person.
  10. Sure !
    BTW ask her if she couldn't send you pictures of her taken with a classic camera : you could post them on the forum... not a barn actually !

  11. I dunno Gene, looks like she probably uses a mercury battery to me.
  12. The fungus on the lens looks like The Virgin Mary?
  13. </i>
  14. begone italics
  15. Yes, strange. A html tag must have staid behind. Thanks for delivering us.
  16. Well, it has been said that some things get better with age. I believe this seller probably figured that the age of the camera makes it worthy of an auction at Christie's in London. Did Wallace Heaton Limited ever sell a Kodak line of cameras?
  17. Careful what you say. This seller has extrasensory powers, what with
    knowing that the manual was written in Germany. Moreover, his ID warns
    us that he's an intrator. If you ask him a sarcy question (e.g. "Did you
    really mean youess dollars? Or perhaps south Korean won?"), you'd better
    he doesn't intrate you.

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