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  1. Why are the loading of the film done in the right side of the camera meaning that
    you will have to turn the film up side down meaning that any text on the negative
    will be up side down. Why not make the camera to load the film i left side like
    anyother medium format camera. I mean all the guy has to do is to drill a hole in
    the other side - i dont get it. Well the reason im asking here is that it could be me
    doing something wrong!!
  2. Anna

    pinhole projects a reversed, upside down image on the plan of film so loading film that way will give you a normal view photo on the film... i think:)
  3. because in mechanical cameras, the winder was always on the right side (since most people are right-handed). If the winder is on the right side, putting the winding mechanism on the left side would involve a lot of unnecessary complications. Since cameras evolved a little bit at a time over many years, and didn't just jump from fully manual to auto-winders in 1 generation, the winder remained on the right side. I do occasionally see cameras that wind the "other" way, but these are either toy cameras, or very old cameras where the designers could figure out how to put the shutter mechanism and the winder on the same side so you wind with the left hand and release the shutter with the right - which is a total pain. There aren't a lot of these cameras that survive to today because when you have to use both hands to operate the camera, and a good number of these cameras haven't survived the 50+ years without getting dropped.
  4. Hey Blarg - maybe i said it wrong above - but my winder IS on the LEFT side. I load the film at right and wind to the left meaning you turn your film up side down

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