zenzanon-s 50 shutter problem

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by taras_vykhovanskyi, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Hello to All
    I have bronica sq-a cds mf finder and zenzanon-s 50mm
    the lens perfectly works with the body, all shutter speeds are correct, but when I attach the finder lens becomes inoperative... from 10 shots 9 will be 1\500 and 1 correct selected on the finder.
    I've tested 3 other lenses (150-ps, 80-ps, 110-ps macro 1:1) the all work wit the finder correct
    this lens also works great on my friends sq-a body, but doesn't work with his AE finder.
    could you tell me what is the problem with the lens?
  2. Taras, have you changed the battery in the camera body? The camera will revert to a 500th of a second if the battery is exhausted - or close to the end of its life. The AE finder draws its power from the camera body, so you need to make sure you have a good battery before blaming the lens.
  3. but i tested the same lens on the two bodies with different batteries and finders... my buttery was fresh (GP) and other lenses performed well...
  4. Taras, I can only assume you have a faulty lens in that case. As a final check, I would suggest cleaning the gold contacts on the rear of the lens. Don't use anything abrasive though - something like a pencil eraser would be okay.

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