Zenzanon-S 105mm lens won't fire the flash. Ideas?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by crowdspotting, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    I have a variety of SQ-series Bronica models and lenses. I have a 105mm S lens
    that I really like, and all of the sudden it is malfunctioning.

    When the lens is mounted to any of the SQ-series bodies, the flash PC socket on
    the body of the camera won't trigger the connected flash or strobe. Other
    lenses work fine.

    Obviously this means that there is a problem with the 105mm lens, but I was
    hoping that someone might have some "tips or tricks" that I could try before I
    bundle this puppy up and ship it out for service.

    I know... wishful thinking. Hoping that something needs to be "unstuck."


    Thank you,

  2. Hello Jeff,

    First check the shutter works, i.e. dry shooting at 1 second shutter time observe if the leafs open and close correctly.

    If it works try to clean the lens electrical contacts, a pen eraser is useful for the purpose.

    If the flash still doesn?t work the reasons should be:

    Less probable, the wires connect the shutter to the electrical contacts are broken.

    Most probable, the flash contact is broken.

    In the first case the service should be enough straightforward and cheap.
    In the second case the entire shutter must be replaced or the contact fixed, but because the contact is not replaceable it needs some black magic to be repaired and furthermore the shutter must be dismounted and that operation requires a lot of time.


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