zenzanon PE and nikkor 75mm

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by pod_gipnozom, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Is Nikkor 75mm (with bronica S2) sharper than zenzanon PE 75mm (with bronica etrsi)?

    browsing though pictures i noticed that nikkor is much sharper, but maybe it is my eyes..:}

    does someone know for sure?

    if nikkor is sharper, does etrsi have any equivalents?

  2. I must say that all my ETRSi lenses are sharp as hell, no unsharp stuff with that. Did you do a comparison of pictures on the web??
  3. This kind of question comes up all the time. Screen resolution is not good enough for you to tell which lens might be better. The 75mm Nikkor was made for a 6X6 camera and is an older design. There were, as far as I know, four different 75mm Zenzanon lenses for the ETR/S/Si series cameras. The original was marked MC. There were two versions of the EII with the later version having more plastic in the barrel/rings. The last lens was the PE. I have all of these lenses. The one I have used most is the first version of the 75/2.8 EII. The design of the 75/2.8 Nikkor must be at least 40 years old. If you find one in good condition and use it properly I'm sure it will still perform well. The Nikkor has no shutter because the S/S2/S2A/EC/ECTL cameras all had built in shutters. The ETR/S Si series cameras do not have their own shutters. Each lens has a built in shutter which is electronically timed. The ERT/S/Si cameras are, of course, 6X45 format models. For this reason comparing these two lenses is difficult. If you use a 75/2.8 Zenzanon PE for the ETR/S/Si and your pictures are not sharp, it isn't the lens.
  4. Buy both and see for yourself! Seriously, no one could tell unless they shot, processed and printed both under utterly identical circumstances. My Bronica S recently died(RIP)but the shots that old Nikkor produced under studio lighting were superb. No reason to suppose the PE 75mm isn't as sharp. My 80/2.8 PS/B for the SQ-B is no slouch, either. Has anyone ever seen a standard(i.e., 75-80mm) MF lens that wasn't sharp? I haven't.

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