zenzanon 135 or 150

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by h3|1, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. hello alltogether. I searched in the archives but got lost into a
    desert... so i would appreciate your help! short question: for my
    bronica sq-b, portraiture-photography, would you recommend the PS
    135 or the PS 150 lense?
    The 135 has got a short focal distance of 1 meter, might be an
    advantage for closer portraits, right? any difference in quality
    between the lenses? I heard good things about the 150, information
    about the 135 is more difficult to obtain.
    thank you very much for your replys.
  2. I think you will find there are tons of 150's floating around on E-Bay and used dealers but hardly a 135 to be found. That alone may resolve your dilema.
  3. The 135mm might be a little to short for portraiture. Look a the PS 185mm. A better focal length and closer focusing than the 150mm.

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