Zenza Bronica SQA and Flash

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to use on Bronica SQA a Sunpak Auto 455 but I don't know
    the shutter speed syncronization, anyone could help me?

  2. Bronica SQA is a shutter leaf system so you the flash can synchronize at any speed (that's the beauty of leaf shutter systems. I think SQA does not have the flash TTL capabilities (I can be wrong) so you need to use the flash in AUTO or MANUAL modes only.

    In MANUAL mode, you figure out the distance from the main subject (focusing scale helps) and calculate the aperture as guide#/distance. Guide # will be noted somewhere in the flash documentation or you can look it up on da'NET.

    In AUTO mode, you choose your aperture from what flash offers (usually you can choose from 3, 4 or 5 apertures (depends on the flash you use) and the flash takes care of correct exposure.

    Now, the shutter speed is another parameter that you can use to adjust the look of the picture taken. Shutter speed does not affect the flash exposure (anything illuminated by the flash) but it will affect the ambient exposure (parts of the picture where the flash does not reach). Generally, if you use slow shutter speed, the background will be better illuminated (this is how you prevent the "deer in a cave" look of flash pictures).
  3. It syncs up to 1/500s.
  4. This page may help.


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