Zenza Bronica SQ-AM - should I take it to a shop?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by noelle_meredith, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. I have a Zenza Bronica SQ-AM on indefinite loan. I have worked with
    Bronica's before, but not this model. (Older ones) I cannot get the
    lens off. The battery cassette for the autodrive needs to be
    replaced, and the 1 battery needs to be replaced, these are no
    brainers. This camera has been in a closet for the last 12 years, in
    a metal case with foam all around. Is there a trick to getting the
    lens off, like a secret button? Or should the lens be easily
    removed? Is this a job for the camera repair shop? Thanks for any
    help here.
  2. Noelle

    There should be two slide buttons on the top front of the body. One is for removing the viewfinder, the other to remove the lens. I don't remember which on is which and I don't have my SQ-A handy. By slide one of these buttons down, they slide just a little, and turning the lens, it should come off. If not, then I don't know.
  3. Hi Noelle,

    As Brian says, there should be 2 slide switches, one on either side of the body, along the top edge, close to the front of the body. If you are holding the camera as you would to take photographs, the left hand side slide switch if for removing the lens. The right hand side one is for removing the viewfinder.

    Don't force the lens release switch. If you cannot see through the viewfinder, this means that the shutter is not cocked. An interlock will prevent the lens from being released. The film is wound and the shutter cocked in one rotation of the film advance knob (er... can you do this without batteries in the SQ-Am?). Once the shutter has been cocked, you should be able to see through the viewfinder and you will be able to slide and hold the lens release switch and rotate the lens to the left.

    Hope this helps.

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