Zenza Bronica S2A

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by andy clarke, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone owns one of these camera's, any issues to be aware of before buying.
    mainly are all bronica bayonet lense's compatible with this camera?
  2. In my experience as a technician, I have to speak up. These 6X6 cameras where always problematic. Due especially to the complex design of the mirror box mechanism (Segmented mirror drops down to the floor upon release). This created labor intensive repair costs.
    When the camera works, (with a very loud recoil) it takes excellent photos. A current CLA, if done correctly, is very expensive. Oh boy, not to mention the backs...
  3. hmm, thats made me think again about it then. I guessed that it might cost a good bit to fix them as the parts seem quite rare to find.
  4. I have been contemplating one as well - being a long time Nikkor user :)

    After reading the above link, I understand that the S/D/C and the EC series camera bodies are quite different designs. Gus: Would you say that the mechanical problems applies to all types of "Nikkor" Bronicas ??

    Thanks in advance,

  5. I had one briefly. For $200 for the camera and 2 Nikor lenses it was too good to pass up to play with. The big problem I had was that the helical focuser had enough play and the Nikor 200 enough inertia that when you set the thing off the big mirror falling sent the camera one way and the lens the other - and we are talking on the tripod here. Under magnification the image smearing was readily apparent. Giving the camera and lens a big bear hug on the tripod helped somewhat but the image quality wasn't up to the Kowa that I had at the time, so away it went.
  6. Gus, the McBroom book says the Bronica S2A's were rugged and dependable. They say the earlier models were not.

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