Zenza Bronica Etrs problems - red led light constantly on

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by natasha_marshall, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I recently bought a Bronica ETRS on eBay. I bought a new battery as the battery supplied with the camera was clearly dead as the led
    light didn't appear when I pressed the battery checker button. However, when I replaced the battery the led light indeed did show up,
    however it won't turn off. The light seems to just stay on until the battery drains. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I've
    checked all the parts, the mirror does seem to be very dusty.

    Any help would be much appreciated, I wanted to use my new Bronica for a shoot tomorrow :(

    This is also my first medium format camera, so I have limited knowledge about them!

  2. SCL


    If you don't know much about your camera yet, don't jump in and use it for an important shoot right away. Get a copy of the operating manual at www.butkus.org, and spend a few days getting familiar with the operation of your camera (and prism depending on which version you have), clean stuff up (like the focusing screen/mirror), make sure all winding mechanisms are smooth, the shutter fires properly, etc., and you resolve your light on issue. Then, and only then give it a test run with a sacrificial roll to make sure everything works properly. I remember having one about 15 yrs ago and jumped in without testing everything first....needless to say had I spent a day or so fully familiarizing myself first, I would have had much better results. It is a neat camera though and can produce some wonderful results.
  3. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    with modular cameras, you can narrow the problem down by taking off parts till the
    symptom goes away. alot of times the prism can be the cause because of a dirty contact.

    try to snap the test button as it just may be stuck in due to dirt n crud. a very very tiny dit of wd may free it as you work it in.
  4. Thank you for your responses! I have read through the manual and familarised myself with the camera but I am worried because I spoke
    to someone who sell Bronicas and they told me that this may signal a circuit issue. I hope this isn't true but maybe you are right, I will take
    the camera apart and do some tests with the battery. The battery definitely drains as I can only use the default shutter speed of 1/500, so
    I don't think the button is stuck :/
  5. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    defauls to 1\500? even with a new battery n the led on?

    most times it is a stuck switch. sometimes the prism causes weird problems because
    it has to depress a button and makes contact with some circuitry if its the metered
  6. I've tested the camera at slow shutter speeds and it seems to be functioning well. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the aperture. Is the battery light even supposed to be red? In the manual it says green!
    Very confused! I've shot a roll of film now, so I'm going to get it processed next week.
  7. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    press the switch on the top left side, just above that on the top side right next to the
    prism is a small green light. its so dim you have to see it in the dark.

    the red light is visable in the prism evertime the shutter trips. so take off the lens n fire the camera n see if the red light blinks? do it in the dark so it'll be obvious. check the front of your lens to see if its set to auto (A) position with the screw in place?

    also.... there are contacts on both sides of the lens matings. clean them with a pencil

    also... remove the prism? there are a couple pins under it that get pushed down when using the metered prism... if its unmetered there are 2 holes in the prism bottom so the pins stay up. possable these pins are pushed in?
  8. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    well???? so what was the problem????

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