Zenza Bronica EC-TL

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by felix_lopez_de_maturana, Nov 14, 1999.

  1. I own a Zenza Bronica EC-TL more then 20 years ago and screen has been
    dammaged. I sincerely should thank any help to find a screen as I
    hardly can see and les focus through the finder.Camera is in a
    extreamly good condition. The EC-TL screen, has speed
    numbers information lighted by leds as this was the first 6x6
    automatic aperture priority camera on the market. Lenses by Nikkor,
    50,75 and 200 are also wonderful.

    Thanks for your help

    Felix Lopez de Maturana
  2. I do not know if this will be of any help at all but my friend was shopping for his Bronica S2A and found 2 brand new EC-TL screens in a second hand shop in Munich. Unfortunately I don't know the street name, but if you e-mail me directly I can point you to that exact location and maybe dig out their phone number so you can ask for price and/or shipping conditions.
  3. Does anyone know if you can buy Beattie (or other bright) screens for the EC or EC-TL? Are the screens the same as the S2A?

    I've often fancied an EC, but the screen's a bit on the dim side for me...

    Thanks for any info!
  4. That s funny! I do not know anything about Bronicas but this I know for sure: The TL focusing screens do not match the S2A because of their size and imprinted shutter indicators. I stood in the shop when my buddy was asking the same thing :). Can't help any further, though...

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