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  1. A local camera store is selling a Zenoflex VI TLR with a Tri-Lausar
    lens and NKS-sc shutter. It has "made in Japan" stamped on it, a
    shutter release, and a hot shoe. It has no light meter. Fastest
    shutter speed is 1/200. It does not look like exactly like a Yashica
    A but looks more like a Yashica A than a Yashicaflex.

    Does anyone know anything about this camera? Has anyone ever heard of
  2. Not only have I never heard of it, I can't pull up any reference to it anywhere on the Internet. If it's selling for under $100, it may be worth picking up just for novelty's sake. If it's any more than that -- caveat emptor.
  3. There were lots of Japanese knock-offs of the Rolleiflex style German TLR's, post war. Yashicamat, Minolta Autocord and Mamiya 220/330 made it through to global recognition. Many others didn't. Sounds like Zenoflex may have one of many that fell on stony ground.

    Why not ask the store if you can put a film through it, to see if it is worth owning?
  4. John

    I have seen this camera in a book on Japanese cameras. The camera was made by the same company that makes the nice Zenobia folder cameras.
    (Dai-ishi Optical Works) I think it is more of a rare camera as opposed to a
    user camera. The Tri-Lauser lens is likely a copy of the Zeiss Triotar and therefore a triplet. Now if the lens is coated you may get reasonable results with it. Lens flare here is an issue of course. Otherwise you may want to spend your money on a Ricoh Diacord L or G, which has better optics. Also, try
    www.manfredschmidt.com he carries cameras by Dai-ishi and may have a Zenoflex for price comparison. His prices are high though.
    Cheers Martin Reis

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