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  1. Is anyone familiar with the Japanese "Zenobiaflex" 6x6 TLRs? I have inherited one, and it's pretty fun to use. I have the F-II model that according to Camerapedia is pretty rare, they seem to be uncertain that it has even existed. :) Well, I'm certain because I recently took this shot with it.
  2. Probably built ca. 1953. From Daiichi Kogaku. I don't find any reference to the II model either.
  3. My camera matches Camerapedia's specs of the F-II model precisely, and should thus be from 1956 or later. It is not the original model, and not the II model either. According to Camerapedia, the company had by then changed its name to Zenobia Kogaku, and that is indeed the name shown on the camera (right below the taking lens).
  4. Looks to me like you got a keeper! Nice shot! Can you post a picture of the camera sometime?
  5. Looks nice! I have a Zenobia folder and it's a nice little device.
  6. The Hesper lens is a Triplet as oposed to the Neo-Hesper a Tessar clone.
  7. Here's a picture of the camera in question.
  8. Just as well you have a caption saying misty day, I was starting to question the quality of the zenobiotar (or whatever it's called) lens
  9. ....looks like the lenses will accept Rolleiflex bayonet accessories....

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