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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by nancy_bueler, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Hi Daniel! I've got some pics to post, from the first roll I put through the Zenobiaflex. I really like the Zenobiaflex, but I need a good strap. OK, here's what I got! Nancy
  2. Next one!
  3. And again.
  4. And another.
  5. And and again.
  6. Next again.
  7. And next.
  8. And the camera itself!
  9. Never saw one mentioned before. To me that looks about as good as any of the tlr pictures we've seen posted here.
  10. Thanks Mike! Maybe Daniel Iggers will let me buy it from him! ;-)

  11. I've been looking for one of these for about four years now. You sure don't see many.
  12. What a nifty little TLR. From the quality of the photos it looks like a good shooter to take out.

    Nice photos as well.
  13. Grace on Queen West is a very fine composition.
  14. Looks like a TLR is in the cards for you! Is this Zenobiaflex a blood relative of the Daiichi Zenobia folder that some (Craig?) are making such great photos with? Is this a 4 element lens?
  15. Mike K., this camera belongs to Daniel Iggers. He lent it to me for the summer, and I know absolutely nothing about it. If this one can produce such good pictures, I can only imagine what I could do with a Rollei!!

    Mike C., thanks! Grace is my 14 year old daughter, and as you can see, she really doesn't like having her picture taken (but I did anyway!).

  16. And thanks, Christopher! I was very pleased with the results, since this is the first time I've ever used a TLR! I think I'm hooked now!

  17. Great photos, Nancy. I'm glad you like it, and that its being used.

    I think the taking lens is a four-element one. Next, maybe you ought to run some B&W through it. Just a thought.
  18. Grace has on at least a 5 degree sulk! Charming.
  19. That Zenobiaflex is almost certainly a relative of the Daiichi Zenobia, made to compete in the TLR niche instead of the small folder niche. From the look of the images, it competes well with the early Yashica and Mamiya TLRs. Very, very hard to argue with results.
  20. You daughter's expression says it all. That's great timing in capturing that. Hopefully, you don't have to see that too often.

    Good work.
  21. Very Nice Nancy. Looks like a real good camera. Grace not looking so happy with it though.
  22. Thanks again guys. As a general rule, Grace is pretty happy, except for that particular moment. I was very lucky to capture that image, because she kept moving in an attempt to discourage me from taking the shot. She and her brother are usually ok with being photographed, but I think W.C. Fields had it right!

    Daniel, I do have some B&W film I purchased from J&C Photo, (Fuji NPH 400 and Acros 100) so I'll pop one in and give it a try.

  23. Nancy,

    Great pictures.

    Yes, it is related to the Zenobia folder. I can see it has the Neo-Hesper, 4 elements version, same lens that my Zenobia has.

    Keep shooting...
  24. Others beat me to it - yes, tis related to the little 645 folder several of us have layign around.

    Glad to hear the happiness in your discovery, Nancy! Keep shooting!
  25. Phew - I look at that shot of Grace and it warps me ahead 10 years when I will live in a happy home of 3 women!
  26. Sorry Mike, you have my sympathy! All I can say is, I hope you have more than two bathrooms in your house!!


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