Zenobia Lens Questions

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jim_richey, May 21, 1998.

  1. The Daiichi Zenobia 6x4.5 folding cameras were available with either a Hesper or Neo-Hesper lens. Does anyone know the difference between these lenses. Are these lenses 3-element or 4-element lenses? Are the optics coated? How is the image quality? Thanks.
  2. Well, I can tell you that the Hesper lens in my Zenobia is a four element lens, because I took it apart to try and clean a hazy lens element. I had heard someone suggesting that the Hesper was a 3 element and the Neo-Hesper a 4 element, but apparently this theory is incorrect.

    Jim Thomas
  3. Better late than never. The Hesper lens is a four element lens in my Zenobia and I can tell you the image quality is quite good. Somewhere
    between a Tessar and a Zeiss Novar. The camera is a bit of a dark horse and the sutter is quite snappy.

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