Zenith ET with Flash.

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  1. Please help, I have no idea what's wrong. I have a zenith et and I know it quite well but for the first time I'm trying to use it with flash. I bought flash unomat 20b that is supposed to work with zenit et, but it doesn't. I mean, flash works perfectly on it's own but it doesnt synchronize with camera. I use hot shoe and 1/30-X, no flash in the moment of pressing the shutter, hot shoe&cable 1/30-X, no flash in the moment of pressing the shutter, only cable-quite the same. Have no idea what could be wrong, please help.
  2. I've never tried flash with my Zenith, but Butkus does have a general Zenith manual and some more specific ones at http://www.butkus.org/chinon/russian/zenith_guide/zenith_guide.htm
    Perhaps there will be something there that will help?
  3. Nothing, they don't have Zenith ET manual, only zenit E, EM, B, TTL
  4. But the actual mechanisms/operations are not much different from model to model. Did you try the general book?
  5. of course. But the other have some different flash options like you can choose on the panel M or X (saying synchronize with cable or not) have or have not hot shoe so a previous model E has different options than ET and the next one Zenit 10 and 11 are also not listed in this page. The next one is Zenith 12 xp and thats a bit newer.
  6. I hope I remember correctly but M is if you are using single use flash bulbs which take some time to reach maximum intensity as the [magnesium] inside them burns.
    X is for electronic flash which is effectively immediate Many decades since I used a single use flashbulb. I doubt if many camera in recent times have a M socket [ last 40 years or more ... I go back to 1954 when I first used flash [bulbs] :) ]
    Not quite sure what you mean ... using cable connection or hot shoe should work the same ... is it that the flash is not synchronising with the shutter or not working at all?
    If not working at all I would suspect a connection problem ... cable broken wire or 'dry' solder joint ..... hotshoe- pins not lining up or bad contact with earth connection through side plates of hotshoe. With old camera they perhaps need to be cleaned, tip of centre pin When flash inserted the pins register with each other? ... the underside of the hotshoe side clamp for the earth connection. I have had a flash slide through the shoe and not connect the pins.
    Does the flash work when you short across between the pin and the metal side of mount, using perhap the blade of a knife or scissors.
    Will monitor this thread for your answers. :)

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