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  1. Hello, I have a Zenith 80 Medium format camera. This is the same as a Salyut-C (I think). My camera has this (aparture release lever) on the rear of the lens (see below) I believe the mount is a Kiev B mount. Will any lens for the Kiev 88 work with this Zenith 80? Alternatively, I believe the Zenith80 has three deicated lenses. Can anyone advise what they are? Thanks
  2. A Zenit/Zenith-80 is a rebadged Salyut, not a Salyut-C. No lens for a K-88 will work; even if the lens mounts were somehow compatible, the lens-film working distance is significantly different (~74mm on the Salyut/Zenit, and ~82mm on the Kiev.)

    The three factory lenses for the Salyut are the Industar-29 (80/2.8), the Mir-3 (65/3.5), and the Tair-33 (300/4.5).

    It's not entirely impossible that another lens could have been adapted at some point to the Salyut mount, but certainly unlikely. If anything, I believe the opposite was probably more common; I have a Tair-33 in what is clearly a non-original Pentacon Six / Kiev 60 mount, that might have once been for a Salyut, but who knows.
  3. thanks Michael, I am looking on ebay for some of these lenses.
  4. I too, saw the big chart indicating that salyut/Zenit 80/ZENITH 80 have a lens-film working
    distance of 74mm. But I have here a caliper and a ZENITH 80 in both hands, and can say it is
    more than 80mm, probably exactly the same as on the Salyut-C (S)/Kiev 88 (80) (not C or

    Then, the aperture lever becomes a tiny metal rod in the Salyut-C, I do'nt know how it works,
    but if it is close when depressed, or if it has a manual lever, you'll be able to use it on your
    ZENITH 80.
  5. I have now a Zenith80, a Salyut-C and a Kiev 88, and can say Zenith can use any lens, but
    later ones become manual ones on it, because it can't push the litle rod wich allows full
    apperture focusing.
    The rod in the C-mount allows the aperture to be full open when pushed, and stopped down
    when released, it's the opposite of the M42 Auto.
    Zenith80 lenses can mount on later bodies, but the preset tip collide in the mount, and if you
    cock it, it will be blocked full open, and no way to close it without unmounting it before.
  6. I have no experience that way, but the Kiev-88 lenses should mount. The diaphragm almost certainly not work automatically, but will work manually stopped down. Going in the other direction, from Salyut (no C or S) to Kiev-88, the lenses absolutely will not mount because of the intruding aperture firing tab on the lenses.
    Someone else said something about the lenses not focusing correctly because of different mount to film spacing. That is absolutely false. I have an ancient, but brand new Mir-3 intended for the original Salyut. I modified it by removing the diaphragm tab and while I was at it, the powerful preset cocking spring. It now works beautifully on my Kiev 88 (B or screw mount) camera im manual mose and the focusing is exactly like the other lenses, i.e., the back focus is exactly the same. It's a really nice lens, and a pretty one, awesome looking with the HUGE original lens shade.
    The first Kiev camera that I ever held was an old beast like this. Its covering leather and chrome and focusing rings were as badly worn/brassed as a forty year old Leica that lived a hard life in the hands of some reporter. I was amazed (after hearing all the usual horror stories) at how smooth and slick it felt in hand. That old clunker stayed on the store shelf, but my camera cabinet now looks like the North American warehouse of Arsenal. i have at least one of virtually everything, and it all works well.
    Ed Lukacs

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