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  1. hi. i have a zenit ttl. shoud it still work if the battrey is dead to fire a
    shot.. thank you. alice.
  2. Yes, but the meter won't work.
  3. Yeah the light meter won't work, but I've had good luck just following the sunny f16 rule w/my Zenit TTL:


    If you do a google search I'm sure you can figure out what kind of battery will work for it, too. I just haven't bothered.
  4. thank u. i think it must be broken it wont click.thank you. alice.
  5. Many Zenits have a shutter lock, I think you release it by rotating the shutter button. Not sure if this model works the same way. Check online for a manual. Ever use Google?
  6. Don't assume it's broken just yet.Zenit's are funny you rewind the film by depressing a collar around the shutter release button & then turning the shutter release button to lock it down.Even after you've rewound the film & returned the shutter button to it's normal position (line pointing forward) it wont work/click right until after you've worked it a couple of times & then it's just fine.
  7. david i think ti is better to ask on here than google.thank you.alice.
  8. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    The manual is reproduced (converted to a webpage) here, at Zenit's own site. It says that battery should be a Mallory PX13, and the collar round the shutter button is labelled 'shutter disengaging bush', as suggested by Waite above. Hope you get it working!
  9. Alice, you wont find a manual here but you will via Google!
  10. i thoght this is a place to ask questions. sorry. alice.

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