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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by andrea_ingram, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Not 100% sure if this is a classic or not but so liked the picture I'd thought I'd post it anyway. Hope this is OK. Taken over Christmas on the island of Seil western highlands of Scotland.
  2. YUM! The sight of that invokes that "low tide smell" I know well from my days on the West Coast of Canada.

    I guess classic depends on exactly which Zenit.
  3. I'll wander down to the beach this weekend and take a sniff for you, Mike.

    BTW, signs of spring are starting to appear in Vancouver.
  4. Andrea -- close enough. You're in! By the way, very rich colors. Not sure I'd like to see it on my dinner plate, however.
  5. hehe Ben it was only -20C today...almost spring don't ya think?
  6. Lovely photo, reminds me of beautifully frozen winters off Lake Michigan.

    Which is why I now live in California.

    Which Zenit did you use? What film? I just gave mine plus lenses away to a dear friend. I did keep the Photosniper, though.

    Francisco Arcaute
  7. I think it is a Zenit 12. The little metal thing on the shutter button fell off yesterday though.
    Film was Kodak Gold 200 [out of date ]
  8. Andrea, thanks for reminding me of Seil island. I was there a few years ago and was enchanted by the place, and its unique features, like the ambitiously named Bridge Over The Atlantic, and the beautiful mini-island of Easdale (and the amazing souvenir shop at the crossing to Easdale!). Must get back there this year.

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