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  1. Minox 8x11 photography is quite different from 35mm or medium format
    photography, it has its own rituals.
  2. From Taosim stand point, the universe of Tao began with one.
    The symbol of one in many languages is '-' or ' 1'.
    A closed Minox is '-'. The only camera embodies the "oneness" of Tao. One begets two, and two begets myriads.
    In ancient classic of I Ching,

    ___ represents Yang;

    - - represents Ying.

    A closed Minox is Yang, an opened Minox - - is Yin. A Yin and a Yang is the Tao.

    Join me with a cup of tea and enjoy Zen poems
  3. In using the focusing dial of Minox, some times I forget to reset the dial after taking close up pictures, resulting in blurry pictures.
    I painted the focusing dial of my Minox camera into Black/White Tai Chi diagram. When the focus is set at infinity, the white side of the Tai Chi points to the front, and the dark side points to the back.
    With the help of this Tai Chi diagram, I can now easily spot whether the Minox dial is reset or not.
  4. When, as a child, I observed my Father outdoors I
    often asked ," What are you saluting, Daddy, why are
    you saluting ?" We now know he was using his Minox to
    record family life - Thanks, Daddy.
  5. To B or not to B,that is the question;whether it is nobler to use an
    A and suffer the over- and under-exposures......

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