Zeitz Quartz?

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  1. Does anybody know anything about Zeitz Quartz? I have a super wide .42x macro lens and I'm not sure if it's for an old film camera that's my mom's or if it would work on my Canon EOS rebel XSI.
  2. SCL


    If it has an EOS mount on the rear it should be mountable on the modern cameras and be usable in the manual mode , although it might not meter or autofocus.
  3. Does it look like this?
    That sounds like one of those accessory lenses that screws onto the front (filter) threads of any common lens. It will work on any camera, film or digital, but the quality usually isn't great. They can be fun to play around with though.
  4. Donnie,
    It looks like that, expect that its macro not panoramic. And I tried to screw it in to my filter but that their are not screw on the macro lens.

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